Can I Cancel an Insurance Claim Under Investigation?

Can I Cancel an Insurance Claim Under Investigation? Yes. Generally, you can cancel or withdraw an insurance claim under investigation by calling your insurance provider representative for cancellation.

Can I Cancel an Insurance Claim Under Investigation?
Insurance Loss Adjuster Taking Picture With Digital Tablet Of Damage To Car From Motor Accident

You may want to cancel a request, mainly if the damages are low and you can pay them yourself. Typically, it is a bad idea to cancel a claim because it will stay on your record. Hence, it is not otherwise impossible. However, to know more about this process you have to keep reading.

Can I Cancel an Insurance Claim Under Investigation?

Cancelling you under investigation is very possible. However, cancelling a claim outside investigation depends on timing. As long as you cancel the claim before your insurance provider has initiated the claim process.

Hence, if you have already received any payment from your insurer or the process has started, you won’t be able to cancel the claim.

How to Cancel Insurance Claim

Most insurance companies make it simple to cancel a claim, most of all a car insurance claim. The best way to cancel a claim is to get in touch with your insurance agent or provider, requesting to cancel the claim.

Some insurance companies allow you to claim through their website or a toll-free number. Hence, all you need to do is to log on to the website and access their customer service number.

What is an Insurance Claim Investigation?

Insurance claim investigations are carried out when a loss happens to an insured person. When an insured person applies for a claim over a loss, the insurance company is of the obligation to investigate the loss before approving the claim of the insured person.

Hence, when the investigation is carried out and they find out that it is either your fault or a careless out, your claim would be granted. The purpose of this investigation is to ensure fraudulent acts are not carried out.

What does Insurance Investigation Look for?

The insurance investigator will start by getting a short summary of the incident, including the date, type, time, location and a brief description. More so, as a part of the process, the insurance investigator may and likely ask for the following:

  • To inspect your car for damages if it is a car accident.
  • Contact information that you obtained for the driver at the accident scene.
  • Images or photos of your car and/or the scenes of the accident.
  • A visit to the accident scene to determine all potential contributing factors and circumstances.
  • Physical evidence (fingerprints, damaged property, hard drivers, etc.).
  • Request you send a copy of the police report for review.

These are information that what makes a successful investigation and what insurance investigators look out for.

What Questions will the Insurance Investigator Ask?

When an insurance investigator is looking into your claim, they may ask to conduct an interview with you to sort out some of the details. In this situation, you have the opportunity to control the conversation and answer confidently and clearly.

Here is some question that is asked by an insurance investigator:

  • What type of damage was done to your vehicle?
  • Do you understand that this interview is being recorded?
  • Do you know what type of damage was done to the other vehicles?
  • Did you have any deep cuts or lacerations?
  • Was there any emergency treatment performed at the scene?
  • What treatment have you received since the accident?
  • Is there anything in reference to the accident that you would like to add that we have not discussed that we should know about?
  • Have you understood all these questions?
  • Was there any ringing in your ears or popping in your jaw?

These are questions that an insurance investigator would likely ask you.

What is an Insurance Claim?

An insurance claim is a formal request to your insurance provider for reimbursement against losses covered under your insurance policy. Insurance finance is a financial agreement between you and your insurer. You have t pay a fixed premium.



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