Can an Insurance Company Refuse to Pay a Claim?

Can an insurance company refuse to pay a claim? Well, Yes, insurance companies can refuse to pay claims. So, what happens when an insurance company refuse your claim or offers far less than what you truly deserve should be your question.

Can an Insurance Company Refuse to Pay a Claim?

Would you want to know what to do when that happens? If you care to know you should keep reading.

Can an Insurance Company Refuse to Pay a Claim?

Insurance companies due for one reason or the other can refuse to pay you to claim either justly or unjustly. Either way, when you are not told why your claim is not paid, the reason becomes purely unjust.

Also, in a situation when you are not at fault in an incident and the company still refused to pay your claim, the reason becomes even more serious. Hence, when this happens, you should seek the help of an attorney.

It doesn’t matter if the accident happens with a standard vehicle or not, a working attorney and law court would make sure you are given the justice you deserve.

Do I File a Claim with my Own Car Insurance or the Other Drivers?

you are only permitted to file an insurance claim with your own insurance company after an accident. Notwithstanding, the amount of money your insurance provider will have to pay depends largely on the degree of your fault in the accident.

In a state where the incident is your fault, the driver involved will be judged to be less responsible, and the person who is responsible for causing the accident will give the insurance claim to the driver with less fault.

 Can I File an Insurance Claim after a Car Accident if I am at Fault?

Yes, you can file an insurance claim if you are at fault. This is important to file a claim if you are at fault because your insurance provider can help you cover your own potential liabilities in an accident and protect you from exorbitant out-of-pocket costs.

This is to say, never automatically assume you are at fault for an accident or take the blame at the scene. Hence, all you have to do is to wait for an investigation to be taken first before drawing a conclusion.

How to Ensure an Insurance Company Does Not Deny your Claim?

Before contacting an attorney for help, you can carry out some protection guides to ensure that the insurance company does not deny your claim. Hence, some of these protection guides include

  • Remaining calm at the scene.
  • Avoid emotional reactions.
  • Exchange information and document everything you can.
  • Take pictures for the sake of evidence.
  • Get contact information from witnesses.
  • Make sure the police are involved and take note of the weather condition and road conditions.
  • Get medical attention right away, even if your feel alright.
  • Delay getting any car repair until the insurance company investigation is carried out.

With the above, the insurance company will have no reason of delaying or denies your claim. But if the situation proves otherwise, you should seek the help of an attorney.

Should I Take a Claim Payout Offered From an Insurance Company After a Car Accident?

Well, the direct answer to that question should be a “NO”. you should not accept a claim offer from an insurance company without consulting a personal injury attorney first. In rare cases, an insurance company will offer a generous and appropriate claim payout.

But will a condition of the measly settlement they initially offer, they will try to have you sign a release form that says you won’t pursue any additional claims related to the accident.

So, if you suffer an injury that later comes to find out more serious, long term and debilitating, you won’t be able to seek additional compensation. Hence, it is advisable you seek medical help first.

Why an Insurance Company Denies a Claim

If an insurance company denies your claim, the first thing you need to do is to understand why it has happed. An insurance company relies on various reasons to deny your claim. Some of most reasons include

  • Failure to notify the insurance company.
  • Lack of coverage.
  • Mistake or carelessness.
  • A Bad faith denial.
  • Suspicion of a fraudulent act.
  • Your coverage has expired or lapsed.
  • Not seeking treatment immediately.

These and many more are reasons why the insurance company can deny your claim.



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