Camerajoint: Nigeria Leading Online Camera Store

Currently, the camera market in Nigeria has received some major dealers, and it keeps growing. Among the many businesses promoting the sale of cameras in the country is Camerajoint. Although the establishment is quite new to the camera market, so far it has dominated when it comes to sales, and it is growing fast.


Despite being based in Lagos, Camera Joint has sold cameras and camera equipment to customers all over Nigeria, and they never fail to deliver the product. The establishment sells both new and used products, so you would get your money’s worth with them.

Also, Camerajoint has been given distributorship of Magmod products for Nigeria and the West African markets by the Magmod team. You can now order any of Magmod’s products at a global retail price from Camera Joint.

Available Products on CameraJoint

As a fast-growing retailer in Camera sales, Camerajoint has in its store some of the best cameras made by the best camera companies around today. With Camerajoint, you would get your hand on cameras made by the following companies:


There are lots of Sony Cameras available now for different types of photographers from sports photography to high-end commercial photography and video production. Sony is the favorite brand for so many vloggers, bloggers, and content creators.

A lot has been released by Sony to suit content creators and bloggers and most of them are offered by Camera Joint. Some of the Sony offers of Camerajoint are SONY A7III, SONY ZV-1, SONY ZV-E1, SONY A7RV, SONY ALPHA 1, SONY FX3, SONY A7IV, SONY FX30, Sony A9 Mark II, Sony A7R Mark IVA, etc


Canon is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cameras. They make cameras for different types of photographers and offer several categories and price points from entry-level to professional products.

At Camera joint, the following Canon Cameras are offered; Canon EOS 90D, Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 250D, Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, Canon EOS R7, etc


The cameras produced by Nikon give even beginners a very good taste of proper photography. Enthusiasts and professionals popularly use Nikon products. Nikon can be so adaptive that once you have the experience, you will want to continue with it from upgrade to upgrade.

Some Nikon cameras offered by Camerajoint are; Nikon D3500, Nikon Z fc, Nikon Z5, Nikon Z50, Nikon Z30, Nikon D780, Nikon Z6 II, Nikon Z9, etc.

And more. They also offer some amazing camera equipment like tripod stands, Camera Bags, Camera Lenses, camera batteries, and more.

CameraJoint Offers

Some of the products offered by camera joint at the moment are;

  • SONY 50mm F1.8 Lens
  • Dji MINI 3 PRO
  • EOS RP
  • Nikon D750
  • BMPCC 6k + Cage + DTap Cable
  • Nikon Z6 Body
  • SONY ZV-1
  • SONY ZV-E1
  • Vaxis Atom 500 SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmitter.
  • Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art Lens For Nikon
  • Rode VideoMic Pro
  • Canon EOS M50 Mark II + 15-45mm Lens
  • Dji RS3 Mini
  • Canon RF 50mm F1.8 Lens
  • Canon 85mm F1.2 L ll USM Lens.
  • EOS R5 + 2 Batteries
  • Youngnuo YNLUX 100
  • Canon 50mm F1.8 Lens + Lens Hood
  • EOS R
  • Godox SK300II
  • Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG DN
  • SONY FX3 + Top Handle + 2 Batteries
  • Nikon Z50 + 16-50mm kit
  • SONY ZV-1
  • And Many More Other Product

Camerajoint Location

Camerajoint is a Nigerian-based camera retailing company located in Lagos, Nigeria. There you can choose to buy directly from the shop or contact them for a product via their social media handles.

Address: 25a Ajayi Aina St, Gbagada 105102, Lagos

The Local store is always open Monday to Saturday. And if you would like to purchase a product directly from the store without making use of the online store here are the opening and closing hours:

Opening Days: Monday to Saturday

Opening Hour: 8 AM

Closing Hour: 6 PM

Sunday: Closed

Camerajoint Offers

Camerajoint has some amazing offers that would benefit you if you shop with them, for starters, they are available online 24hrs so you can get in touch with Camerajoint and purchase a product any time of the day and any day of the week.

Also, they offer Warranty on New and “US used products”, so surely you would be getting your money’s worth. They offer Free Delivery On Cameras Only Nationwide, so if you are purchasing a Camera and you are within Nigeria, you would be on the free delivery package.


Camerajoint brings you amazing episodes of this great and insightful show on YouTube. If you are a photographer, a fan of photography, or want to become a photographer, this is one show you must follow.

Find true inspiration in the stories of others and receive the counsel of the best in the business. With CameraLounge, Camerajoint is bridging the gap between you and your most revered photography role models. You can get to see them and hear them talk about pressing issues in the camera field.

CameraLounge is powered by Camera Joint, supported by Sony Alpha Nigeria, and produced by Mabykay Productions. You can follow the episodes of CameraLounge on Youtube at CameraJoint.

Camerajoint Contact Info

If you are interested in contacting them, you can do that via Instagram and Facebook. At the moment, they are working on a website ( to make online shopping for their customers a lot easier. And soon enough, the platform would be completed and customers can have easier access to their cameras and equipment available for sale on their website.

Camerajoint Handles on social media are as follows:

Instagram: @Camerajoint

Facebook: @Camerajoint


if you would like to access the social media platform via a web browser, you can do that via the following URLs:





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