Broadcom is Reportedly Ending VNware’s Channel Program

Broadcom is reportedly ending VNware’s channel program and the company’s replacement will be by invite-only according to Broadcom.

Broadcom VNware’s Channel Program

Broadcom VNware’s Channel Program

The company Broadcom has just confirmed that it will be ending VMware’s channel program in a swell move that has some existing partners a bit worried as to whether they will continue getting the same service. And in its stead will be the Advantage Partner Program of Broadcom, which as you should know has already been confirmed to be available on an invite-only basis.

The shakeup in question is just one of a growing list of changes that are being applied across the VMware portfolio following the recent acquisition of the cloud computing and virtualization company by Broadcom.

VMware’s Channel Program to End In 2024

Broadcom in a statement to The Register, confirmed: “effective February 5, 2024, Broadcom will be transitioning VMware’s partner programs to the invitation-only Broadcom Advantage Partner Program.”

“Based on recent discussions with hundreds of partners globally, this transition will help our partners achieve even greater opportunities for profitability through simplified bundled offerings and more opportunities for service revenues.”

What It Means For Broadcom’s Replacement to Be Invite-Only

The fact that the replacement of Broadcom is invite-only simply means that, if customers who prior to the new development worked with partners are declined access, they could get to face new challenges.

Broadcom has said that it “remains committed to creating value within our combined ecosystem, which has been made stronger with the addition of VMware partners,” however the potential for even many more changes, following some already pretty significant ones, could at the end of the day end up leaving a bitter taste in customers’ mouths, and even ultimately leading them to seek alternative services elsewhere.

Boradcom to Stop Selling Perpetual Licenses

At the kickoff of December, the firm announced that it would reportedly stop selling perpetual licenses, and instead focusing on a subscription-based model.

Broadcom also showcased a “dramatic simplification” of the VMware portfolio.

TechRadar Pro has asked Broadcom whether existing program customers will be eligible for the replacement service immediately, or whether it is that they will only be eligible subject to receiving an invite. The news platform also asked for more details regarding just how the programs compare.



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