British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships 2023/24: Study in the UK

The British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships 2023/24 offer a remarkable opportunity for early- and mid-career researchers in the humanities and social sciences based in the UK. This prestigious initiative is supported by the International Science Partnerships Fund, a £119 million venture established by the UK Government.

British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships

Designed to nurture potential and enhance prosperity, the fund serves as a conduit for research and innovation, fostering collaboration between UK researchers, innovators, and their global counterparts on pressing contemporary themes.

British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships

The driving force behind the Global Innovation Fellowships program is to empower researchers by providing them with avenues for growth and advancement. It encompasses a spectrum of benefits, ranging from skill enhancement and network expansion to career progression within sectors such as creative and cultural domains, public and private sectors, and policy-related realms.

The fellowships address challenges that demand imaginative solutions and aim to foster deeper connections beyond the realms of academia. This endeavor is set to catalyze knowledge mobilization, translation, and individual skill refinement.

The British Academy –  Empowering Through Collaboration

The British Academy, a venerable institution, has spearheaded this groundbreaking initiative. The program offers a unique opportunity for Global Innovation Fellowship awardees to integrate themselves within the prestigious Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. In its pilot phase, this collaboration envisions a symbiotic partnership wherein both fellowship awardees and Carnegie mutually benefit from fresh perspectives and an extended network.

This association empowers awardees to establish and fortify connections across policy and academia, propelling knowledge transfer and fostering new viewpoints. The ultimate goal is to cultivate innovative approaches and solutions to policy challenges through a tapestry of diverse perspectives.

Available Field of Study

The British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships 2023/24 offers comprehensive subjects for prospective applicants. They include the following five distinct areas:

  • Sustainability, Climate and Geopolitics
  • Technology and International Affairs
  • Democracy, Conflict & Governance
  • Global Order and Institutions
  • Nuclear Policy


As part of its commitment to fostering global innovation, the Academy is offering up to three one-year fellowships. These fellowships will be hosted within Carnegie’s offices in the USA, specifically in Washington DC or California. Awardees will receive generous support of up to £150,000 for a duration of 12 months, which includes Full Economic Costing at 80%.

This substantial financial backing aims to facilitate research, networking, and the exploration of innovative solutions to global challenges.

Eligibility Criteria

The British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships are open to both domestic and international students of all nationalities.

The selection process prioritizes candidates who can demonstrate a strong understanding of pertinent issues, the policy landscape, and systemic challenges. While language skills are desirable, they are not essential for eligibility.

How to Apply for British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships 2023-24

To apply, interested candidates can follow the application procedure outlined on the official website at


What is the International Science Partnerships Fund?

The International Science Partnerships Fund is a £119 million initiative established by the UK Government to promote research and innovation collaborations on a global scale.

Who is eligible for the British Academy Global Innovation Fellowships?

The fellowships are open to early- and mid-career researchers in the humanities and social sciences, both from the UK and internationally.

Can applicants from diverse academic backgrounds apply?

Yes, there are no preconceived ideas about the disciplinary background of the award holder, fostering inclusivity and diversity in the program.

What is the significance of the collaboration with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace?

The collaboration aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and innovative thinking by connecting Global Innovation Fellowship awardees with a prestigious international institution.

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