How to Make Bloomingdale’s Credit Card Payment Online

Bloomingdale credit card comes with some great perks and makes your dollar stretch further. Signing up for this credit card makes you eligible to take 15% off purchases made in your first two days, up to a limit of $250 in savings. The Bloomingdale Credit Card Payment is very simple to access.

Bloomingdale Credit Card Payment
Bloomingdale Credit Card Payment

This credit card comes with a 26.74% variable APR with no annual fee. It has no special financing period, but its clients can save by taking advantage of 15% off their first purchase. This card comes with a lot of benefits, hence the need to know about Bloomingdale Credit Card Payment which will aid in getting these benefits.

How to Make Bloomingdale’s Credit Card Payment

There are several ways one can make payment for a Bloomingdale credit card. It can be done online, through your mobile device, and so on. Scroll down to see how you can make your payment.

Make Payment Online

Making payment for Bloomingdale online is a free and easy service. But to pay online, you will need to add your Bloomingdale’s Credit Card to your account, and under your Credit Profile, you will enter the account number and routing information for your bank account.

  • Choose “Bloomingdale’s Credit Card” then log in to your account with your email address and password.
  • Next, click the “Make a Payment” button on the “Bloomingdale’s Credit Card” page.
  • Then add or select a payment source.
  • And submit your payment.

One-Time Payment

You can make a single payment today on your Bloomingdale account as it is easy and secure. However, you will need a valid checking account with a U.S. bank to use this service.

Automatic Payments

You can pay your Bloomingdale bill automatically each month. To do this, you have to set up a schedule. Also, you will have the option to change or stop your automatic payments at any time. You will also need a valid checking account with a U.S. bank to use this service.

Pay In Store

To pay in-store, you can use cash, check or debit card to pay your bill at any Bloomingdale’s store.

Pay By Phone

You need to have your Bloomingdale account number and a valid check from a U.S. bank on hand when you call. Contact Bloomingdale Customer Service to get the number you will put a call across to.

Pay By Mail

You can make payment by sending your Bloomingdale’s payments to the mail address. Get the mail address from the customer service page.

Bloomingdale Credit Card Minimum Payment

Bloomingdale credit card minimum payment is 30% or 1% of the statement balance, including interest and late fees. However, if the statement balance is less than 30%, the minimum payment will be equal to the balance. Also, you will have to pay any over-limit amount, past due amount and any amount due on each club plan balance.

The unpaid amount on a club plan balance is the smaller of the two;

  • 1/12th of the club plan’s highest balance and any credit protection or credit.
  • The club plans balance on the closing date statement.

Bloomingdale Credit Card Rewards

These are the benefits/rewards of the Bloomingdale credit card.

  • Card users get 20% off their purchases on the day they open their account.
  • You earn 3 points per dollar in the Loyalist program when you shop Bloomingdales online or in stores and outlets.
  • You get a high reward rate.
  • And there are no member fees.
  • Throughout the year, you get two days to get triple points on all of your purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take for Bloomingdale Credit Card Payment to Go Through

Bloomingdale Payments may take up to 3 days to appear on your account but it will apply with the date you scheduled the payment for.

Do I Need to Provide My Banking Information Each Time I Make Bloomingdale’s Payment Online?

You do not need to provide your details all the time. This is because once you schedule your first payment, your payment source will be saved and available for future payments. You can also add up to five payment sources online including both checking and savings accounts.

How Many Bloomingdales Payments Can You Make Each Day from The Same Account?

You can schedule up to five online payments per billing cycle, but you can only make one payment each day. Payments can also be scheduled for an amount less than or equal to your current balance.

How Can I View My Bloomingdale Payment History?

To view your Bloomingdale payment history, log in to your account with your email address and password and choose the “Payments” link under the “Bloomingdale’s Credit Card” section.



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