Blockchain Games for Mobile – Best Blockchain Games for Mobile 2021

Blockchain Games for Mobile. In recent years, cryptocurrency has been a great trend and is now a big topic all over the world. With Ethereum, Binance Coin (BNB), and loads of other tokens, creating great opportunities for trading crypto.

Blockchain Games for Mobile

Due to the advent of blockchain games for mobile, earning cryptocurrency has taken a new turn. The Blockchain Industry is growing rapidly and overtaking the regular games as more people dive based on the play2earn features attached to it.

More companies are investing in this gaming market due to the high rate at which it’s growing. Based on this, developers now dive into creating more blockchain games for mobile. Although some refer to them as NFTs games, Cryptocurrency earning games, etcetera.

People wonder how possible is to earn cryptocurrency playing games; the blockchain games can testify that. Lots of games have now switched to this gaming industry and earning lots of NFTs currently.

Best Blockchain Games for Mobile 2021

You can make a lot of money from blockchain games. As in real life where we have marketplaces, so also in the blockchain games, there are also a lot of games having a marketplace integrated into them where players get to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets with cryptocurrency.

Players get to earn rewards of different sorts and then trade them in their respective marketplace based on the cryptocurrency used. Here are the best blockchain games for mobile you can ever find in 2021:

  • Axie Infinity
  • LightNite
  • Bitcoin Solitaire

Axie Infinity

This blockchain game is so popular that it’s called the King of Crypto games. This game is on another level as it has taken the NFTs to a great height. The game is characterized by a digital creature called Axis of which each is an NFT. They are actually used for battle, so players trade with them, buy and sell them also.

Funny enough, they can be bred and used to fight in tournaments. So it’s an awesome experience. Some of these axis are so scarce and are sold in heavy amounts worth thousand of dollars.


Just like the Fortnite royal battle, the LightNite game is not so different. Having almost the same experience but I will go for LightNite being a better one. The game which is powered by the Lightning Network is created by the team of the Bitcoin arcade game portal Satoshi’s Games.

You earn BTC as you shoot many players. On the flip side, players as well also lose their BTC when being shot at. What a gaming world. You can also make a trade, buy or sell items in the Elixir Marketplace platform.

Bitcoin Solitaire

Just like the regular solitaire in terms of gameplay but in a different aspect as one could earn cryptocurrency playing this game. It is common for most laptops to have solitaire as an in-built game and lots of people play them.

Now with this game now available on mobile and earning cryptocurrency as well, you don’t have an excuse for not getting them installed. Players earn points as they play and get them exchanged with cryptocurrency in coinbase. This Blockchain game is actually another great way to mine cryptocurrency.


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