Declaring Shiloh 2021 – Get Ready for Shiloh 2021 More than a Conqueror

Declaring Shiloh 2021. The long-awaited event is now coming close as going to hold December 7th to 12th this year. Everyone is anticipating this great program as it going to pull out a huge crowd.

Declaring Shiloh 2021

The winners’ families are more than excited than anyone for this annual convention ‘Declaring Shiloh 2021’. It’s not only meant for the winners’ families but for me, you, and everyone else in the world as we would be able to engage God in various ways.

With the Shiloh theme titled ‘More than a Conqueror’ – Rom. 8:35-37, we would be declaring great things into our lives. This Shiloh 2021 turnaround era will open great dimensions to outstanding breakthroughs. It is going be life as usual and will be echoing around the world. With the date announced, I think everyone needs to get prepared to experience a wonderful turnaround for you and your family – mine included.

Declaring Shiloh 2021 Theme

It’s of great importance every winner gets prepared for this prophetic event happening in December as the great Man of God Bishop David O. Oyedepo would be live preaching on this annual event. The Shiloh 2021 Theme which is tagged ‘More than a Conqueror’ has a Bible scripture attached to it which is Romans 8:35-37. A conqueror is one who overcomes obstacles, defeats the enemy in battle, and wins in war. So being more than a conqueror; I wonder how that someone might be. Then that one needs to be fearless.

On this great event, dimensions, portals would be unlocked where everyone will enter a realm of being more than a conqueror. The Man of God went further to give us the expectation that all our days of struggle would be terminated by God as long as you participate in this program and you will going with a new name which is More than a Conqueror from this Shiloh 2021.

The Birth of Winners Shiloh

The highly respected Man of God explains how the Shiloh was birthed or came up. Based on his explanation, he got the idea from a scripture in the Bible. As he began by greeting everyone in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

The scripture which was taken from the book of Joshua 18 vs 1 which says “And the whole congregation of the children of Israel assembled together at Shiloh and set up the tabernacle of the congregation there. And the land was subdued before them.”

He put it that this scripture birthed the first Shiloh which was dated back in 1998. Wow! That means Shiloh is way over 20 years old. Now, I know you might be asking what Shiloh is all about.

Well according to the Man of God which is also the General Overseer of the Church puts it that “Shiloh is the annual prophetic gathering of Winners worldwide for a feast of the Word, where we access our inheritance in Christ until the land is subdued before us, both as a Church and as individuals.”


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