Amazon’s New World Just Received a Dire 24 hours – Tricky Gold Exploit in New World

Amazon’s New World Just Received a Dire 24 hours

Amazon’s New World Just Received a Dire 24 hours. The Past 24 hours have not been very pleasant for New World. The Amazon-crafted MMO has had its own share of issues ever since the launch, but for the last day or so, we happen to have seen Amazon grappling with a rather severe gold duplication issue.

Amazon’s New World Just Received a Dire 24 hours

Amazon’s response to the gold duping exploit was short but very questionable, as it brought the new world’s economy to a screeching halt.

Tricky Gold Exploit in New World

In MMOs, the economy usually is king. The Players get to earn gold and item drops as they complete quests and run dungeons, then further trade the gold with other players for services or items that they require. For instance, in World of Warcraft, you get to take your hard-earned coin to purchase herbs just to make portions and then pay an herbalist in other to make those potions just for you.

If you do happen to have played an MMO before, it should not appear to you as a surprise to learn that gold would take a major part in the new world. Gold can be traded with other players, sent to a player’s company to be used for Town Projects (assuming said company owns a town), or even purchase items that would list by other players on the in-game market.

The market happens to be one very popular place in each of New World’s Towns, and in More central locations like Brightwood, Everfall, and Windward, it’s very common for you to see a horde of players wheeling and dealing at the trading post when you hop right into the town square.

Gold Duplication Exploit

As of yesterday, Amazon made some very interesting dramatic decisions to turn off all wealth transfers among players as a response to the Gold Duplication Exploit.

This meant that the players might no longer need to trade the gold with each other or even send gold to their companies. Also, it meant that players can no longer purchase items from the trading post, as that actually counts as a transfer of wealth.

Why amazon actually did this instead of just placing the games in a maintenance mode just to fix the issue is what we are yet to find out. Without access to the market, anyone that is trying their best to grind their crafting skill levels is required to head out and gather the raw materials themselves.

One enjoyable task for the penny pinchers that are among us that prefer to gather their very own materials and spend gold only to purchase the materials they require from the market and get to level up as soon as they can.

Amazon has put a pause on gold transfer in response to a gold duplication exploit that was, as the name suggested, allowing the players to duplicate gold quantities and make themselves a lot richer without having to head all out to earn that coin first.

Obviously, allowing a gold dupe exploit to run rampant is one great way to take down the economy in an MMO, so it is understandable that Amazon is taking quick action, I’m just sure that the game would be introducing in-game economy to a stand-still was the best option than placing the game right into maintenance.

New Bugs In the New World

The new world is a great game, but it still requires some work. Whenever a new update comes out, the game introduces some slates of new bugs that happen to just affect the game in different ways. Often, those bugs go unresolved up until the next weekly patch.

In the previous week, one of the major bugs that we happen to have heard about prevented players from getting the gold from the trading post-sales that complete while they are still offline. There is some chat exploit that could actually make players crash to desktop, though that has been worked on As stated by Amazon.


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