Big Changes Coming To Windows 11 According To New Leaks

Big changes coming to Windows 11 according to new leaks. The new changes according to the leaks include new capabilities for the hidden photo gallery located in File Explorer, as well as more flexibility with widgets.

Big Changes Coming To Windows 11 According To New Leaks

Big Changes Coming To Windows 11 According To New Leaks

New evidence of some major changes to the interface of Windows 11 has come to light, thus hinting at new features for photo gallery feature for File Explorer and a photo gallery.

The previous image gallery as you should know remains hidden on the platform, but in test build 23419, PhantomOfEarth has done some further and serious digging. And after enabling the capability of making use of a Windows configuration tool, the leaker found that an important change has now been applied to the feature as the File Explorer now shows tweaks made to any given image immediately.

The New Changes As Seen In a Tweet

And as seen in the video clip shared in a tweet, the leaker rotates an image making use of the quick edit options located in the top bar, and it gets turned via 90 degrees in the folder, as well as in real-time which is pretty cool. Whatever edits you make using the tool, you will get to see the effects in the folder window inside File Explorer instantly.

File Explorer’s Hidden Photo Gallery

For those persons thinking about it, if really the File Explorer has a photo gallery embedded in it, the answer to that is a resounding YES. The File Explorer does have a photo gallery hidden in the test builds and this is something that was seen back in the previous month of this year.

Other Notable Other Windows 11 Leak

The other Windows 11 leak that caught the eye according to the leak this morning comes from a really renowned and popular source, Zac Bowden of Microsoft gossip. And in a new podcast for Windows Central, Zac stated that it might be possible to get to move the widgets to the desktop which was highlighted on Twitter by XenoPanther.



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