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Do you need a reliable and fast eCommerce site to make your purchases? BidorBuy is one of the top sites in South Africa for buying and selling online. The site is actually a major part of South Africa’s Internet Boom.

The internet has made it very possible for individuals from all around the world to be able to connect. It also made it possible to buy and sell products and services globally. BidorBuy is one of the biggest e-commerce sites in South Africa. Valentine is also at the corner, you can actually shop for Valentine’s special for your loved ones. You want to learn more about the site, right? Read on to learn more.



BidorBuy is an English language e-commerce website that is based on internet auctions and online marketplace. It allows businesses and individuals to trade or market with each other. All transactions made on the site are in South African rands. BidorBuy follows the eBay business model.

Actually, it is an online auction site and also a marketplace for sellers and buyers to transact. The site is accessible to individuals from the ages of 18 years and above. There’s a mobile app that is compatible with any device type.

As a leading online marketplace, it has created a safe and convenient way for individuals to buy and sell anything online at an auction price or fixed price. The site’s growth is in terms of the user base, range, and a number of products.

Is BidorBuy Reliable?

The answer is Yes. BidorBuy is very reliable to use for individuals to use. The service or site is different from other classified sites. Buyers do not pay money into the seller’s account but directly to BidorBuy.

The site is always ready to assist customers if need be. All sellers on the site, need to provide their proof of residence while registering for an account before payments can be cleared. Well, consider BidorBuy as the eBay of Soth Africa.

Why Buy on

Individuals can buy about anything on BidorBuy such as the latest tech devices, brand new products, second-hand and hard-to-find collectibles. All can be purchased at a fixed and affordable price. Users can browse through a wide variety of products or items from thousands of sellers. You can choose the product you want and also the seller you would like to buy from.

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Why Sell on

The South Africa eCommerce site is a great solution for those who wish to sell with its sophisticated tools for eCommerce. It offers great exposure to vendors as it is open for business 24/7.

BidorBuy App

With the app, you can get the best online shopping right at the palms of your hand. BidorBuy app allows you to shop smart, buy and sell on the goo, shop your way. There are great features for both buyers and sellers. The features include;

For BidorBuy Buyers;

  • Individuals can shop smartly.
  • Shop millions of products across over 25 categories.
  • Search through a wide variety of products.
  • The search is fast and accurate.
  • Seller ratings can be viewed.
  • There are multiple buying options and payment options.
  • Also, buyers can keep track of their shopping carts.

For BidorBuy Sellers;

  • They can create their own listings directly from the app.
  • Snap pictures of the product or item they wish to sell and upload.
  • Request for payouts.
  • Enhance their listings to boost product or item visibility to attract buyers or customers to it.
  • Manage orders, sales and also view their listings.
  • Answer buy questions and also rate them.

You can use the app as a buyer or seller. It is free to download on the App Store of the device you’re using.

How to Download the BidorBuy app

Follow the instructions below to get;

  • Open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and type in bidorbuy on the search box.
  • Select the first one displayed on the list that would be filtered out as the results to load the information page.
  • Once the page has been loaded, tap on “Get” or “Install”.

The shopping application would be downloaded immediately into your device. You can start buying and selling on the app with ease.


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