10 Best Universities in Canada for Medicine

If you dream of studying medicine in Canada, we will share with you, the best universities in Canada for medicine here. There is no doubt that Canada is the ideal destination for any international student who wants to study medicine abroad.

Best Universities in Canada for Medicine

The North American country is very popular for its friendly immigration pathways even for students, Canada is also known for its world-class education system and outstanding healthcare. So, the country has everything you need and as an aspiring medical professional, there are numerous opportunities for you after your graduation as well.

Why study medicine in Canada?

Before we share the best universities for medicine in Canada, let’s understand why studying medicine in Canada is an excellent choice, one you should be excited about.

  1. Internationally recognized: Canadian medical degrees are highly respected worldwide, if you obtain a degree in medicine in Canada, you have opened the doors to a global career for yourself.
  2. Quality education: This can’t be said enough, Canadian universities rank high every year because they maintain rigorous academic standards and excellent research opportunities.
  3. Diverse and inclusive: Currently over 24% of residents in Canada are immigrants. The Canadian system embraces diversity, you will feel at home here.
  4. Healthcare system: Canada has one of the best healthcare systems globally, as a graduate of medicine, everything you need to succeed is here in Canada.
  5. Postgraduate opportunities: As a student in Canada, you can stay back and practice medicine after graduating. Not every country offers this opportunity and many of those who do, don’t make it easy for students.

Now, let’s look at the top Canadian universities that are known for their exceptional medicine programs.

University of Toronto

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Every year, the University of Toronto consistently ranks among the top medical schools globally, the school is affiliated with numerous teaching hospitals, which ensures every student receives comprehensive clinical training.

They have a serious focus on research and innovation and will foster your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The University of Toronto is the best you can get in Canada in medicine.

McGill University

Location: Montreal, Quebec

McGill University, situated in the vibrant city of Montreal, is very popular for its medical research programs. They have teaching hospitals that provide diverse clinical experiences. Another amazing aspect of studying here is its bilingual environment.

You can find peeps who speak French and English here. McGill’s bilingual environment is perfect for you if you want to improve your French language skills while studying medicine.

University of British Columbia

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) offers a dynamic medical program in a stunning West Coast setting.

At UBC, the Faculty of Medicine emphasizes early clinical exposure (you will have the chance to work with experts as early as possible in your career) and innovative teaching methods. As a student, you can experience urban and rural healthcare settings during your studies.

University of Alberta

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

The University of Alberta is very outstanding in medical research, particularly in areas like virology and neuroscience. If you want to specialize in these areas, you have found the right university for your dream.

As a medical student at U of Alberta, you will gain valuable experience through placements in various healthcare facilities, including rural and remote areas.

McMaster University

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

If you are looking for a university with a unique problem-based learning curriculum, McMaster University should be your target.

It focuses on small-group discussions and clinical experiences from the first year, this helps you develop strong diagnostic and patient care skills.

University of Calgary

Location: Calgary, Alberta

The University of Calgary is located in sunny Calgary, Alberta, and is home to the Cumming School of Medicine. This school offers an MD program where students get to work with experts in different medical specialties.

Calgary has a booming healthcare sector, and that’s great news for you as a medical student at the University of Calgary. This is because the University of Calgary has strong connections with the city’s healthcare scene. That means you can jump into real-life clinical situations in a bunch of different places after graduating.

Queen’s University

Location: Kingston, Ontario

When you think of Queen’s University, think of “community.” This place is all about bringing students together and making them feel right at home.

In medicine, that’s a pretty big deal. You will receive personalized attention and have opportunities for research and global health experiences.

If you prefer research and exploring the global side of medicine, Queen’s has you covered. They offer chances for students to go into research projects using global standards.

Dalhousie University

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you are interested in the Maritimes, Dalhousie University has an excellent medical program for you. The University is all about preparing students to be caring and community-focused doctors.

Dalhousie will teach you not just the science of medicine but also the heart and soul of being a great doctor and give you the skills and knowledge you need to shine in any healthcare scenario.

University of Ottawa

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

You can’t conclude the topic of studying medicine in Canada without mentioning the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine.

They offer a super cool bilingual MD program, meaning you can learn medicine in both English and French. Sounds great, right?

Here, you have the opportunity for cultural and linguistic immersion while studying medicine. Ottawa is a hub of cultural diversity, and the University of Ottawa makes sure you get to experience it while you are here.

University of Saskatchewan

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Last on our list, the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine boasts a strong emphasis on rural and remote healthcare. If you have no interest in rural healthcare, here is not for you but if you do, it’s an excellent choice, the school is for students passionate about serving underserved communities.

Their College of Medicine has a special focus on these underserved communities making healthcare accessible to everyone, no matter where they live. They’ll prepare you to be a superhero in healthcare, reaching out to those who need it most.

When it comes to choosing medical schools, Canada has a bunch of options, the “best” university for you depends on your personal preferences, career goals, and the learning environment you desire.

Before picking any institution, you need to examine the school thoroughly, considering factors like location, curriculum, and admission requirements.


Canada welcomes everyone to come study here, whether you choose to study in the city of Toronto, the cultural hub of Montreal, or British Columbia, you’ll find outstanding universities that suit your desire.

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