Best Seed Banks – 10 Best Cannabis Seed Banks to Buy Seeds Online in 2022

Are you on the hunt for the best seed banks to purchase seeds from? If you are then you are in the right place.

Best Seed Banks

Best Seed Banks

Before I go down to the rundown of the best seed banks right now, for the benefit of those persons that do not know what a cannabis seed bank is, I will be doing a short review on it. With no further delay, here is what a seed bank is.

A seed bank is a facility that helps stores seeds in maintaining genetic variation for future generations. Normally they are stored in an explosion, storm, and radiation-proof vaults. These vaults houses jars of seeds from various plant species.

The seeds in these seed banks normally are stored in low humidity and also frigid temperatures which are about below -200c. This will help in the preservation of the seeds and therefore guarantee that they will sprout at the much-needed time.

A marijuana seed bank however is a company that helps store and sells cannabis seeds and also feminizes them just so as to lower the likelihood of male plants sprouting and in the process increase the yields for business and personal producers.

Marijuana seedbanks are global and new ones keep emerging in a bid to meet up with international demand. There are seed banks based in the united states that are built in 2020, 2021, and 2022 just to help supply the regions. In other regions of the world such as the Netherlands, the UK and Canada, and other international locations, there is the existence of seed banks.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Any State in The U.S?

It is not legal as of yet to buy cannabis seeds unfortunately in the U.S. With that being said, buying and purchasing marijuana seeds online should be carried out after you have done expensive research in knowing that your state allows you to buy and grow cannabis seeds without having to get into trouble.

Top 5 Cannabis Seed Banks To Buy Seed Online

Cannabis seeds and growing has been more popular in the united states with a great number of the American population expressing and showing their support for legalization. With that being said, here are the top 5 cannabis seed banks to buy seeds online.

I Love Growing Marijuana – The Best Overall

There’s an explanation that ILGM takes the best position in our review as well as numerous others. In addition to fantastic client assistance and a wide variety of seeds to look over, they likewise provide huge loads of deals and discounts while educating clients through an extensive library of growing assets.

To the extent that their seeds, the quality is brilliant and, importantly, upheld by germination ensure. They have a variety of classic cannabis strains as well as a few you might have never known about. To the extent that security, ILGM has a very solid reputation and their client support easily rivals the best out there. Truth be told, on TrustPilot they have in excess of 4,000 client reviews with a normal rating of 4.8/5.

Considering how legitimate ILGM is, combined with an extensive collection of top-quality seeds, it was not in any manner difficult to choose them for the best position on our list. The main genuine downside-and it’s a minor one-with ILGM is that it will cost a chunk of change if you need to follow shipping, as it costs $25 (contrasted with their standard shipping, which is free).

Crop King Seeds – The Best for International Customers

Crop King Seeds gets points for its not difficult to-utilize site-a portion of its competitors still element inconvenient sites, which can be unappealing to the advanced cannabis producer, skewing more youthful consistently. Crop King Seeds likewise wins points for being a beginner-friendly site, with germination guides to assist you with growing (literally!).

With a massive variety of strains, Crop King has received a large number of positive reviews for its seeds, and its reviews are directed, helping keep out biased or paid reviewers and showing you who are normal clients. Their reviews as often as possible indicate high germination rates, from 80 to even 100%.

To assist with narrowing your choices, utilize the site’s filters to find what’s best for you. Crop King is additionally sensible regarding shipping, with $10 and $30 for normal and express, respectively, in addition to free shipping on orders more than $300.

MSNL Seedbank – The Best for Quickest Delivery

MSNL has been in the game for quite a while and is definitely among the most reliable seed banks out there. It likewise offers one of the quickest processing and shipping times, so if you really want seeds right away, MSNL ought to be at the first spot on your list.

This legitimate seed bank additionally runs regular promotions, enabling you to set aside some cash (especially over an extended time). In spite of the fact that they have an incredible scope of male and female seeds to arrange from, MSNL loses points because of its absence of germination issue.

One thing that keeps it toward the first spot on our list is its lightning-quick and discreet shipping, which has helped make it one of the most famous seed banks online. One more nice credit to MSNL is the way that their seeds have won High Times and Cannabis Cups.

Seedsman – Best for Selection

Seedsman consistent with its name offers an amazing variety of seeds, a considerable lot of which are top quality. Whether you’re after feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, or intriguing seed strains, Seedsman will in all likelihood take care of you. OG Kush, White Widow, Purple Haze, Girl Scout Cookies-they have every one of your favorites.

One more nice part of Seedsman is they will more often than not give out a ton of free seeds while buying in mass. So if that is you, you’ll procure a few additional seeds by going through Seedsman. They likewise offer worldwide shipping, which makes them a solid option if you’re outside of the U.S.

In spite of the fact that Seedsman is one of our top picks in general, thanks in particular to its extensive seed variety, it loses points because of its questionable client support and to some degree inconvenient website.

Quebec Cannabis Seeds – Offers the Best Deals

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is an extraordinary seed bank in general, however particularly if you live in the U.S., as its proximity makes for quick deliveries contrasted with some other seed banks.

Despite the fact that Quebec Cannabis Seeds comes up short on a variety of large numbers of the other seed banks on this list, it helps compensate for it in a variety of ways to be specific, quick delivery, magnificent discounts, and high-quality seeds.

They’re an especially decent choice if you’re on a careful spending plan, as their week after week discounts offer big savings-sometimes up to 50 percent, albeit regularly in the still-incredible 10-25 percent range.

A couple of different things about this French-Canadian seed bank: It carries germination ensure yet, in addition, has a no-merchandise exchange, which appears to kind of counterbalance one another, and it likewise takes into consideration installment in USD-so don’t bother doing any conversions, however, be mindful of their 3.8 percent credit card expense.


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