Best Podcasts for Investing: Some Great Investing Podcasts for You

Are you interested in investing big time so you are in need of the Best Podcasts for Investing? Well here’s a thing or two that will go a long way in helping you. You save money you may need to access in the near-term, but if you’re planning your finances for the long-term, you may choose to invest it instead.

Investing, generally, involves putting money into vehicles that have the potential for higher growth than a traditional or high yield savings account. Stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and bonds are just some of the things you might consider putting your money into.

If you need investment advice, you may turn to a professional financial adviser, but it’s also possible to tap into expert market knowledge without paying a fee. Investing podcasts can teach you everything you want to know about growing a portfolio.

Best Podcasts for Investing

Best Podcasts for Investing

The best podcasts for investing is actually a must-read If you are looking to expand your investing knowledge. Get to learn from top financial experts, or stay up-to-date on important market-moving news. The fact is that whether or not you are a novice or an expert investor, there is always an investing podcast for you that will help you.

Even so, Listening to great investors and businesspeople share their experiences and insights can make you a savvier investor. You’ll probably enjoy these podcasts too. You can learn a lot and often be entertained in the process by listening to financial podcasts. And you can listen while doing other things such as driving or exercising.

Some Great Investing Podcasts for You

Below are some very interesting and great investing podcasts that will help expand and improve your investing g strategy;

  • Money for the Rest of Us: This weekly podcast covers a wide range of topics, such as what the current low-interest-rate environment means for investors, how buy-and-hold has its limits, and where to find inflation-beating yields.
  • Invest Like the Best: This weekly podcast features wide-ranging interviews with business and investing luminaries. Recent episodes have featured investing guru Michael Mauboussin discussing the shift from public to private markets and Charlie Songhurst, the former head of strategy at Microsoft, offering lessons he’s learned from the nearly 500 companies he’s invested in.
  • BiggerPockets Podcast: With more than 400 episodes, this podcast has been around for a long time and has addressed just about every possible real estate topic. Recent episodes have centered on identifying the best properties, gaining trust, and other life-changing advice.
  • The Millionaires Podcast: A disclosure com is a Motley Fool division focused on real estate investing. This is its new podcast, which will tackle the basics of investing in real estate (including REITs) and discuss various real estate companies.
  • The Stacking Benjamins Show: This entertaining podcast sports 300-some episodes on topics ranging from diversification to financial planning to what we can learn from losing. Guests include authors of popular financial books, hosts of radio shows and podcasts, and even accomplished coaches.
  • Sound Investing: Episodes of this podcast feature answers to listeners’ questions as well as deep dives into topics such as the risks of investing, investing for your children’s future, and how to be a great investor. It also offers interviews with financial professionals. You can get more of the investing podcasts here

If you want to get better at investing, which will likely lead to you increasing your returns. You’ll need to keep learning about new businesses, industries, and ways of investing. You can do so by reading widely. Or by listening to podcasts. The ones above are well worth checking out, and you’ll find plenty of others if you click here.

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