Best Penetration Testing Companies – Are Penetration Testers Hackers?

Getting to know the best penetration testing companies is one of the most amazing things that can ever happen to you. Well, regular testing is of most importance when trying to detect and manage vulnerability.

Best Penetration Testing Companies
Best Penetration Testing Companies

Hence, you can’t afford to be careless with valuable information. Due to technological advancement, cybercrime has taken a new turn, and smaller businesses are considered low-hanging fruit to cybercriminals.

However, if you want to know the best company to contact for security, you should read until the end.

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Best Penetration Testing Companies

Having a company provide experts to run tests and find vulnerabilities in your computer will be a very wonderful deal. These penetrations help identify and report possible security threats to your device. Hence, if you are concerned about your privacy, you should consider the outlined penetration testing companies listed below:

Astra Security

This company is known to be one of the best so far for providing penetration testing services. It is, however, trusted by most businesses all over the globe for providing standard penetration testing and cyber security.

The company, however, knows how important the need to work with a specialist set up a team of security auditors for the job. Well, with this, you will not be wrong to say, that you are very much safe with them. Their pen testers are very talented and very experienced. Some services they provide as a concern this is:

  • Blockchain pen testing.
  • Web application pen testing.
  • Mobile pen testing.
  • Cloud pen testing.
  • Network pen testing.

These and many more are services they offer as penetration testing is concerned. Here is the mind-blowing one. Do you know outing having an exclusive service provided you can also be accessible to benefits sure as:

  • Automated and Manual tests to make sure no vulnerability is left behind.
  • 3000+ tests to keep your application safe.
  • Collaborate with developers from within the dashboard.
  • Easily accessible reports that you can interpret at a glance with the dashboard.

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Intruder is a vulnerability scanner that helps you find and fix critical vulnerabilities in the most vulnerable areas before a hacker does. With this company, you will have a better understanding of your security risks. Furthermore, you can prioritize and manage a strategic, enterprise-wide approach to security. The company can meet client needs no matter how complex it is.


This company provide a fast focus, accurate application security testing to dispose of barrier to security from the path of innovation. It is a strong penetration testing company with widely applauded active records. Having this service provided, you will be accessible to benefits such as:

  • Lots of options to select security policies from.
  • Next, you will gain access to IAST-enabled scans.
  • Zero False positives. is a platform that assists you to connect with pen testers according to your security testing needs. They have programs that help you to get a pen test done in a short time and they also offer. Having this platform on your side gives you access to a great team behind the product, simple UI and also pen testers who are extremely responsive during the test.

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SecureWorks is a company that offers security solutions and services for information assets networks and systems. They offer services like pen testing, application security testing, malware detection, risk assessments and others. This tool is capable of performing almost 250 billion cyber programs that help in threat detection and mitigation.

Hence, making them one of the leading cybersecurity solutions. Having, these services, give you access to benefits sure as easy to align security environment with industry standards like NIST and ISO. Also, you can easily access active communications.


This company provide network threat audits and assessments, penetration testing services and network log monitoring. The cyber hunter carries out extensive network reconnaissance, vulnerability mapping exploits and analysis. Hence, making them the best choice for one network pen testing needs.


  • Aligns security analysis with industry standards.
  • Good for network traffic analysis.

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Are Penetration Testers Hackers?

Penetration testing focuses on the security of specific areas defined for testing. However, ethical hacking is a comprehensive term and penetration testing is one of the functions of ethical hackers.

How is Penetration Testing Done?

This stage uses web application attacks, such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection and backdoors to uncover a target’s vulnerabilities. Testers then try and exploit these vulnerabilities, typically by escalating privileges, stealing data, intercepting traffic and more to understand the damage they can cause.

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Does Penetration Testing Require Coding?

The simple answer to that is “no”. You need no code in python or SQL or perform any hands-on coding whatsoever to have a reknowned career in penetration testing.

Is Penetrations Tasting Hard?

It takes up to 48 hours to complete penetration. However, it shows that you know how to tackle the security issues that less advanced ethical hackers can’t handle. It’s one of the industry’s most difficult tests. Hence if you have passed it, companies know that you can take the toughest problems out there.



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