Best Mattifying Primers for Oily & Acne Prone Skin

If you want your foundation to look smooth, you need to get the best mattifying primers. The mattifying primers do not only offer a smooth base for foundation, it also helps control oil and helps makeup last longer.Best Mattifying Primers

According to professional makeup artist and content creator Jonet Williamson, “mattifying primers help control oil throughout the day, and they also minimize the appearance of texture in the skin”.

Best Mattifying Primers

Makeup primers can do wonders for your skin, they are meant to prepare your skin for makeup application, offering a smooth canvas, and lasting longer.

In addition, if you want a formula that will offer a matte finish with oil control or want a dewy, lit-from-within glow that also boosts your skin’s hydration levels. This roundup of bet mattifying primers will help further your morning makeup application.

Best for Mature Skin – Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Primer

Terry hyaluronic is one of the best Mattifying primer for anti-aging appeal. This primer prevents your skin from losing moisture throughout the day.

Additionally, it also prevents your makeup from settling into fine lines or spots with uneven textures. This Matte primer is loaded with hyaluronic acid, so it nourishes the skin while still controlling oil and fading any texture or fine lines, said Williamson.


Best for Oily Skin – Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Prime Primer

Looking for the best oily skin mattifying primer, Maybelline New York is good idea to go for. It is formulated with a water-soluble base active ingredient that help smooth foundation.

In addition, this water-based primer help0s smooth application without a greasy feel, visually blurring imperfections and smoothing fine lines for flawless and toned skin.


Best for Acne Prone Skin – Cover FX Makeup Foundation Mattifying Primer

This is a weightless setting spray that locks in makeup for all-day wear while impacting a matte finish. The cover FX help to treat blemishes and minimizes the appearance of pores.

Plus, it is alcohol free formula that ensures a long-wearing finish without dryness or discomfort.


Best For Combination Skin – BareMinerals Face Mattifying Primer

Finding a primer that soaks up oil without drying out your skin is key if some parts of your face aren’t as shiny as others.

However, this smooth formula transforms combination skin comes with its multitasking magic, according to experts and shoppers alike.

“This primer is two-fold,” says Carly Giglio, a professional makeup artist and beauty educator for bareMinerals. “It absorbs oils where needed but maintains the skin’s moisture as needed.


Best For Dry Skin – L’Oréal Paris Mattifying Primer

This powerful Longwear primer grips foundation in place and boost it staying power, it is best for those with dry skin.

In addition, it is designed to lock in your makeup and disguise the appearance of texture.

In addition, this hydrating yet mattifying primer absorbs quickly into the skin and maximizes your inner glow.


Best Value Primer for Oily Skin – Urban Decay Mattifying Primer

This powerful Longwear primer help grips your foundation in place and boosts its staying power, so your makeup look lasts up to 8 hours longer.

However, you can wear it alone or as a makeup base with your favorite concealer or foundation for smoother, hydrated skin.


Best Natural Primer for Oily Skin – Honest Beauty Primer Matte

This mattifying primer helps smooths skin and it contains natural ingredient. It is made with micronized bamboo and lack currant and raspberry extracts.

The natural ingredients help control shine and keep skin healthy. It is 100% tree-free aper carton and it is dermatologist tested.


What To Look For In Mattifying Primers

Consider Your Skin Type

You need to consider the type of skin you have. Skin type is formulated with the right ingredients. If you have dry skin, go for primers that contains hydrators like Vitamin E, Hyaluronic, and shea butter.


You can consider the color as you can reap extra benefits by using one in a color-correction shade. However, if you want to tone down redness, look for products with a green tint. Purple helps with yellow tones while orange/yellow is good for brightening dark circle.


How Do I Apply A Mattifying Primer?

It is very easy to apply, according to Williamson, the less is more when priming your skin.  “When it comes to any skin prep, I always suggest spot-treating areas based on your personal needs,” she explains. Wash your face with water and dry it up with towel, then apply the mattifying primer.

What Do Mattifying Primers Do?

Mattifying. The best for oily skin is a mattifying primer. Mattifying primers balance out excess oil to reduce shine and create a smooth base for your makeup so it won’t slide off come high noon.

What Is Mattifying Foundation Primer?

Mattifying foundation primer is a lightweight water-cream makeup primer with skincare benefits that blurs the look of pores and fights shine for a long-lasting, soft-matte finish.

How Do You Keep Your Skin Matte?

To keep your skin matte, you need to appl Mattifying primer before applying foundation, resulting in much less shine throughout the day.

Should We Apply Primer On Oily Skin?

Yes. “Primers contain ingredients that can absorb sebum, preventing it from breaking up foundation and allowing your makeup to last longer,” says Butler.



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