T-Mobile reportedly adds Apple TV Plus to its Magenta Max Plan

T-Mobile reportedly adds Apple TV Plus to its Magenta Max Plan. What seems to be once a free year on T-Mobiles most expensive plan has now turned out to be a permanent feature on the platform.

T-Mobile reportedly adds Apple TV Plus to its Magenta Max Plan

T-Mobile reportedly adds Apple TV Plus to its Magenta Max Plan

The T-Mobile platform and carrier is now upping its video park on its priciest magenta max Plan. The platform on Monday announced the addition stating that it is now adding apple TV plus to its vast lineup of services and perks. The new and most recent expansion will go into effect on Wednesday and it will be available to both old and new customers as long as they all have the Magenta Max plan.

Previously, the carrier offered a free year of apple TV Plus to members on Magenta or magenta Max. That being said, members with the Magenta plan of T-Mobile will be able to sign up for a six-month free trial of apple TV Plus although that option is only available to users who already haven’t taken advantage of the free year promotion.

T-Mobile Offers Free Years of Apple TV Plus for Users with the Magenta Plan

And as of Monday morning, the T-Mobile platform offers free years of apple TV plus for those persons with the magenta plan. The carrier also said that the one-year offer will stay until august 31. T-Mobile with the addition of apple TV plus now offers four different streaming services for its costliest cellular plan. T-Mobile has for a long time bundled Netflix with its magenta and magenta max plans and also a free year of apple TV plus and paramount plus essentials to its mobile users.

The carrier recently also added a free year of Vix Plus, a Spanish language streaming service, and platform created by TelevisaUnivision to users on a number of its plans such as magenta and Magenta max.

Wireless Carriers Have Continued To Bundled Streaming Services

Wireless carriers have continued to bundle streaming services in order to attract users to upgrade to pricier cellphone plans. Verizon has long offered the Disney bundle which of course consists of Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and also Hulu, as well as the option of a free subscription to Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass with major of its pricier unlimited plans. Rival AT&T on the other hand previously offered HBO Max with its top unlimited plan, although it pulled the option in June.

But an agreement between the wireless carrier and the new HBO parent company Warner Bros. Discovery in august set the work for that very type of bundle to return to AT&T in the nearest and distant future.


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