Best Business Idea for Resident in Calabar

Are you moving to cross the river and you want to make it your permanent residence? Do you need business ideas that will suit that area? Well, if that is your worry, then you are simply with the right content.

Best Business Idea for Resident in Calabar
Best Business Idea for Resident in Calabar

In this content, we will be giving you a list of businesses you can decide to start up that will be very profitable for you.

Best Business Idea for Resident in Calabar

It is fair enough that you are moving to a new area with the mindset of starting up a business that will sustain you. However, starting on bad ground, which is not starting with the wrong business, might lead to a waste of capital. On this note, we will be giving you a list of businesses that will suit that area. You can check them out below:

Car Pickup

Living in Calabar will likely bring you to the conclusion that school town.  With its amazing establishment, it is now regarded as a commercial city. The old city is buzzing with too many young people who have dominated the presence of prestigious Universities living in different areas. This has, however, made car pick-up service thrive in Calabar.

Hence, if you decide to start up a car pick-up business you will make it big time. However, every business needs you to be consistent and monitory tactical.

Makeup Studio

Just like we have mentioned before, Calabar is a commercial city. To some, it is basically where people spend money and many take advantage of that and set up businesses that will be profitable to them. Well, one of those businesses is setting up a make-up studio, which involves traditional make-up and the sale of make-up products.

Cold Room

You can decide to start up a cold room business. Well, it doesn’t matter whether it is fish, meant, packaged water or ice blocks you chose to freeze. It won’t lose any money starting a room business in Calabar. The interesting part is that it will solve problems like bridging the gap between retailers and final consumers. This is, however, seen as the most paid business you can engage in.

Food Delivery

You can never go wrong picking food delivery as a business. This is because, with your availability of food to the public, you will not run short of customers and you will be able to sell at the right price. Making high-quality meals keeps customers glued to you. However, you should ensure you are consistent with your business.

POS Service

Nowadays, people find it difficult to use the traditional banking system, hence, it amplifies the POS service. This is to say that, starting a POS business gives you more advantages. However, it becomes more interesting to carry out this business in an area where there is no bank and the distance to the bank is very far. As such you will be able to make more profit.

Restaurant and Bar

Restaurants and bars are still another amazing business you can engage in. All you need to do is to get started with this business, all you need to do is rent or build a facility in an area that is prone to high traffic and then set up your restaurant and bar. However, it becomes even more profitable when you make it appear more appealing to customers.

Information Technology Business

The information technology business is yet another profiting business to engage in. In this business, all you need to do is, open a centre where people can come and get their gadgets and accessories. And also, you can help organizations with the networking of their computers and other related IT services.

Vegetable and Egg Supply Business

This is one of the most uncommon businesses with less competition, yet profiting. Look at the bright side of having less competition in your business. Do you know what it means? Well, it simply means, you will be able to make an advanced marketing advert and also make more money for yourself.

Car Wash Business

Do you most business look not presenting gives a lot of profits? Car wash is an amazing enterprising business you can go into. It is nothing like a capital-intensive business. This is because it needs a small capital to set it up.

Printing Press

With the number of multiplying students, you can set up a printing press and make a good profit for yourself. You will have clients that will patronize you, hence you will make enough from church, schools offices and NGOs that print materials from you.


With the list of the above-mentioned businesses, you can make your choice and decide to start up anyone when you are full settle in Calabar. However, you should consider your area of residence before your set up any business.



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