Best Animation Software – What Tools do Professional Animators use

Apps like TikTok, Snapchat, and iMovie have made simple and basic animation more accessible than ever. In this article, we will show you the best animation software to use for basic and complex content creation.

Best Animation Software

Best Animation Software

Whether you want to try some free animation software before paying or you want to invest in something a little more expert, we got you covered. Here are five software you can use.

Can I Animate for Free?

Of course, there are a whole lot of software and apps available out there, and even the more complicated programs can be for free.

What is the Best Animation Software for Beginners

It’s often easy to get lost in all the different options, so we’ve narrowed our list down to two open-source software that will get you animating in little or no time: Pencil 2D and Blender.

Pencil 2D

If you’re transitioning from pen and paper to mouse and monitor, then Pencil 2D should be your first step. The software Is free and open-source. Pencil 2D helps you create two-dimensional drawings with either bitmaps or vector graphics (bitmap is much easier to use, whereas vector is fancier.)

The interface of this software is super simple, the animation process is a breeze, and it runs on both Mac, Windows, and Linux. However, it is a beginner’s tool, as some people have experienced problems working on longer-term, complex projects in Pencil 2D.


Blender might seem too good for a newbie, but It’s a comprehensive, open-source software that covers everything from basic video editing to even more complicated commands. These features include things like color grading; simulation effects, including fog, fire, and smoke; animation and rigging tools, which will help you to sculpt, model, and render your creation. It also has a built-in video editor for fiddlier and more technical missions

What Tools do Professional Animators use?

If you’re prepared to spend some cash, there’s a whole world of animation software for you to explore.  we’ll be taking a quick look at three of the popular choices used by experts to animate Procreate for iPad, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Cinema 4D.

Procreate for iPad

If you’re struggling to quit drawing with a physical pencil, Procreate for iPad can smoothen your journey. This app requires an iPad and Apple Pencil, and once you’ve paid the $9.99 App Store fee, you’re good to go. However, as you probably guessed, Procreate is only available for Apple users.

Procreate is a favorite for newbies and experts due to its customizable nature, it has more than 200 handcrafted brush designs, in fact, it allows you to customize yours!

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe gives you more tools than you can ever imagine, but we’re looking specifically at Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Animate, which are all part of the awesome Creative Cloud. Adobe’s the big name when it comes to graphics and animation, and for lots of reasons. There’s so much rich, detailed software in Adobe Creative Cloud that’ll fix you up when it comes to animation.

Adobe’s software come at a higher cost for a reason. The fact that each of them is a dedicated tool that excels in its particular niche. It works for the YouTube superstar Illymation, who uses Photoshop to create some of the gorgeous features in her cartoons.

Cinema 4D

Although Cinema 4D is a premium product, it’s very user-friendly and it allows beginners to try 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering. Although it can be seen as complicated,  It’s as complicated as you make it. Its unique workflow’s very simple, you can even integrate it with Adobe products like After Effects, and it has a 14-day free trial if you want to play around before paying for it.

These are the best software in the industry, go get them today.

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