Baby Formula Side Effects and the NEC Baby Food Lawsuit

Baby Formula Side Effects and the NEC Baby Food Lawsuit

When you’re looking to buy a healthy, growth-supporting formula for your child, it’s important that you feel assured that you’re getting the best product possible. With the insane amount of variety in the formula industry, however, knowing where to start is difficult. Before you make a final decision, you must be aware of some of the risks you need to watch out for (both before and after you buy your child’s formula).

Baby Formula Side Effects and the NEC Baby Food Lawsuit


To help you on this difficult journey, here is a quick guide to common baby formula side effects, and the infamous NEC baby food lawsuit that every infant’s parents should be aware of:

The Most Common Baby Food Side Effects to Watch Out For

The majority of baby food side effects are caused by food allergies or formula that’s been contaminated by harmful bacteria. Additionally, if you’re using a formula that does not provide the proper nutrition and dietary needs that your infant needs, side effects are much more likely to occur.

Cow’s milk had long been the key ingredient in many formulas, but as it’s been linked to more food allergies, bacteria issues, and harmful side effects, it’s become much less used in the industry. In fact, a whopping seven percent of younger infants are allergic or have a major sensitivity to cow’s milk-derived formula. Additionally, the amount of nutrition packed into a formula that’s made from cow’s milk is often less well-suited to providing strong, healthy growth for your infant.

The Most Serious Baby Food Side Effects to Watch out For

Many of the most serious side effects that come from contaminated baby formula, or improperly nutritious baby formula, occur in premature infants. Because they have had less time to fully develop in the womb, premature infants are also in a lot more danger when they experience side effects from their formula.

Cow’s milk-derived formulas are once again a major offender and have led to major lawsuits (which will discuss in more detail later on), such as the famous NEC baby food lawsuit. The makers of Enfamil and Similac brands, cow’s milk-derived formulas are especially at fault, so be sure to avoid these brands next time you’re shopping for a formula for your infant (especially if they were born prematurely). Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), can occur due to these types of formulas, causing serious bacterial infections within your infant’s gut.

A more rare, but equally serious type of bacteria that can contaminate baby formula is known as Cronobacter. When feeding bottles are not properly cleaned, this bacteria can cause fatal bacterial infections, especially for infants with a higher susceptibility to infections and other illnesses. Alongside making sure you buy quality baby formula, it’s key that you always clean your baby’s bottle before and after every use.

The Most Frequent Side effects of Changing Your Child’s Baby Formula

Getting your infant on a formula that works for them ASAP is crucial, as changing your baby’s formula can have unintended (and dangerous) consequences as well. Unless your baby’s pediatrician suggests that you change formulas, or you discover the formula you’re using comes with dangerous side effects, you should remain using the formula that you’re currently giving to your infant.

Mild digestive issues, such as hard stool, are the most typical side effect of changing your baby’s formula. However, more serious intolerance issues can also occur, such as bloody stool, congestion, wheezing, and other digestive issues.

The shock to a baby’s system from sudden digestive changes, and switch-ups in their daily nutrition, can affect their mental state as well. To ensure your child is comfortable, healthy, and ready to grow to their full potential, you must stay hyper-aware of how any formula you’re feeding them affects them on a day-to-day basis.

The NEC Baby Food Lawsuit and Getting Legal Help

NEC is one of the most serious, even potentially deadly, side effects that can occur due to poorly made or contaminated baby formula. Once again, two major companies are being sued in mass by parents whose children (primarily premature infants) were diagnosed with NEC after drinking their formula: Abbott Laboratories (Similac) and Mead Johnson & Company, LLC (Enfamil). If you or a loved one’s child was negatively affected by cow’s milk-derived formula, you should seek legal help immediately, as navigating this process can be incredibly draining and difficult without compassionate, professional legal counsel.

Find the Right Formula for Your Infant Now

With the right amount of grit and determination, you’ll quickly find the right baby formula for your infant. If you are at all worried about making the right choice, consulting your child’s pediatrician before making a final choice is highly recommended. However, if you need to switch formulas, later on, there are ways that you can do so safely (although you should do so under medical supervision if at all possible).

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