Auto Dark Mode Issue for Google Maps Finally Fixed

Auto Dark Mode Issue for Google Maps Finally Fixed. The issue has been an annoying one for google maps android version users and finally, it has been rectified. It’s time to leave the dark side behind for Google Maps users.

Auto Dark Mode Issue for Google Maps Finally Fixed

Auto Dark Mode Issue for Google Maps Finally Fixed

If you are one of the many people that rely on Google maps to help you easily navigate your route while driving then it just might be great timing for you to celebrate as Google finally steps in to fix that annoying android auto dark mode issue.

Just before the update was released, android smartphone users might have noticed that android auto always opened the Google maps app in dark mode. And even if your personal settings and your smartphone were set to something else, you will be forced to follow and go through a dark mode app on your journey and travels.

Light mode fans can now celebrate s the issue has been fixed finally. Google maps update 11.35.1. has solved the issue quietly as cited by  Autoevolution. The same website has also noted that an official thread of users discussing the problem has been removed by Google. This move shows that it just might be that the problem is now a thing of the past.

While many users were kind of forced into the dark mode thing and it was a minor inconvenience, the design could however grow on you if you think it’s ugly if you are relying on the services of the app on a long trip. And with that being said, many users may find the light mode of the Google maps app easy to read so being forced into a totally different design might make the whole experience of traveling by car far less easy.

When Will the Update Be Available?

The update should roll out to all Google map users over the coming days automatically if it hasn’t already. So if you are a user of the Google map service, you should check for the update and if it hasn’t yet rolled out to you, you have nothing to worry about as you will be getting the new update in a couple of days.


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