Audio-Technica Just Recently Launched Auto-Sterilizing Earbuds

Audio-Technica just recently launched auto-sterilizing earbuds – ANC plus a 70-second sterilization process for our earbuds.

Audio-Technica Just Recently Launched Auto-Sterilizing Earbuds

Audio-Technica Just Recently Launched Auto-Sterilizing Earbuds

This is not the first time that we are seeing this sort of thing as LG has been offering bacteria-killing cases that are bundled with its Tone earbuds ever since 2020 and many people really loved and enjoyed the newest T90 buds from the company, but that, however, had nothing to do with the bacteria blitzing and everything to do with the wild head-tracked Dolby Atmos.

But one thing you should however know is that this is the first time that Audio-Technica has approached true wireless headphones in this particular manner.

Do Earbuds Really Need a 70-Second Sterilization Process?

And now that no one has really taken notice, I will be the first since the company’s inaugural jibe at the true wireless market, the ATH-SQ1TW frankly and truly were great for their nominal asking price and some of the best budget wireless earbuds that have ever heard of. But one question we should ask ourselves is, do our earbuds really need a 70-second sterilization process every time that we put them back in their cases?

Audio-Technica’s Explanation of How the Whole Process Works

And even with that, what does it do? Audio-Technica explains that there is a “unique deep-UV sterilization system within the charging case”, and also that each time that your earphones are put back into it “a 70-second sterilization starts which eliminate bacteria and viruses from the surface. Mirrors are also used to distribute the light evenly for increased effectiveness.


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