Apple’s ‘Mac Studio’ Sounds More Like the Mini Mac Pro

Apple’s ‘Mac Studio’ Sounds More Like the Mini Mac Pro. When it comes to fitting the “3 Bears” methodology Apple has held to over the past years, a new “just right” Mac desktop machine might just be ready to get revealed.

Apple’s ‘Mac Studio’ Sounds More Like the Mini Mac Pro

Rumors stated that we would be seeing new Mac machines right before the end of the year, and it includes a new Mac Mini and a new Mac Pro, but it is a third – and brand new – a machine that would be fit into the two that we are becoming happier about.

Apple’s ‘Mac Studio’ Sounds More Like the Mini Mac Pro

As stated by information seen by 9toMac, the so-called “Mac Studio” would get priced and powered in other to fit the professional creative user’s needs without having to break the bank with maxed-out specs.

According to the source, it is likely the same device that was talked about back in May of 2021. Believed to be built right under the codename J375, it would be taking the spot of a long-empty slot for a mid-tier desktop. That’s is a demand that the iMac Pro went out of its way to address, though not for those that want to make use of their own displays rather than an all-in-one design.

The “Mac Mini Pro” at Last?

A Mac Mini that possesses a processing power boost, plenty of ports, and comes at a price that would take out the Mac Pro? Now if we could only be assured of a pathway to hardware upgrades just as required by our work over the next few years – that’d be ideal.

Also, it suggests that there would be two versions of this Mac Studio, one of which possesses effectively the same M1 Max chip just as found in the 2021 MacBook Pro. The other is expected to be the higher-end of the two, which processes power that goes beyond the M1 Max chip.

Topping it all, we would see a pro Display XDR and a Mac Pro. The size of the Mac Studio is rumored to be somewhere between that of the otherwise newest Mac Mini and this much bigger Mac Pro.

It is expected that the new device will be far closer in size to the Mac Mini than the Mac Pro, with much fewer holes on the front, the back, or either of the sides. You would presumably trade ports in favor of the much smaller dimensions, also, though that might turn out to be a compromise that a lot of prosumers want to make.

A Studio Display for Good Measure?

Also, there are rumored that Apple would pair the Mac Studio Desktop Machine with a new Apple Studio Display that came with a 7K resolution panel. What seems to be the same source as 9to5Mac worked with regarding the Mac Studio suggests that an Apple Studio display that would take the place of the company’s pro Display XDR as the primary Apple-made high-end desktop display in stores.

It is seeming entirely possible that this new display would come as a set of two or more or an ongoing, expanding series over the next few years. Now it looks like “Apple Studio Display” would be the obvious companion for the “Mac Studio.”

If we take a look at our calendar of yearly events for Apple, WWDC 2022 would seem to be the most likely candidate for a reveal of this newest device series. Probably we would find out more this coming summer.


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