Apple Reportedly Increases the Trade-In Value For iPhones

Apple reportedly increases the trade-in value for iPhones just ahead of its reported launch of the iPhone 15. This simply means that your old iPhone Pro will be fetching a whole lot more money.

Apple Trade-In Value For iPhones

Apple Trade-In Value For iPhones

Apple has just recently increased the maximum trade-in values of older Pro iPhone models in anticipation of the iPhone 15 launch stipulated to take place in September. Conversely, the maximum trade-in values for other phones and in particular the older iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini models have now been reduced.

The adjustments in question, which you can easily check for yourself on Apple’s site, primarily affect the Pro models directly. Non-Pro as well as pint-sized models, such as the iPhone 12 mini either see decreases (from $220 to $200), or a slight increases, with the iPhone 13 mini especially going keeping its $330 value in the US and then seeing a small £335 to £340 rise in the UK. The 2020 iPhone SE on the other hand also sees a decrease in value, from $100 to $90, while the value of the 2020 iPhone SE remains unchanged at $160.

The Trade-In Values of High-End Model iPhones

The trade-in values of high-end models like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, 12 Pro Max, and 13 Pro Max on the other hand have been increased. The aim of Apple is very much likely to cater to customers that are seeking higher-value devices as well as the absolute best iPhones. The UK phones get to see the most substantial increases, with iPhone 13 Pro Max in question seeing a rise from £590 to £640, while the 12 Pro on the other hand goes from £350 to £420.

Apple’s iPhones’ Retaining Value

Apple’s iPhones are well known for retaining their value over time, thus making them an attractive choice for customers who opt to hold on to their devices, rather than just upgrading every year or two. And with the assurance of a fixed maximum trade-in value, users can comfortably make use of an iPhone for three or even four years, knowing fully well that they can cash in their handset when the time comes to upgrade.

And while the highly anticipated Apple iPhone 15, as well as the iPhone 15 Pro, is expected to be announced in September, these favorable trade-in values also can easily be taken advantage of by customers that are looking to benefit from the reduced prices of older or refurbished models that are offered by Apple.



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