Apple Pay Was Reportedly Down For Chase Customers for Some Time

Apple Pay was reportedly down for Chase customers for some time. Chase support in response to this very outage is referring to it as an “unexpected upgrade,” which sounds extremely funny.

Apple Pay Was Down For Chase Customers

Apple Pay Was Down For Chase Customers

Apple spokesperson Heather Norton has confirmed that the problem with Apple Pay and Chase credit cards has been resolved. Norton clarified that “this was not an Apple Pay issue, and we saw no problems with our systems,” implying that the issue stemmed from Chase. Additionally, Norton mentioned that the maintenance note on the status page was unrelated to this particular outage.

It seems that Apple Pay is experiencing issues, particularly for Chase customers. Verge staff members have reported their Chase cards being declined when using Apple Pay, while the same physical cards work without any issues. Several individuals on Threads have confirmed encountering the same problem. However, users with non-Chase banks like Citi are able to use Apple Pay without any issues.

What Apple’s System Status Page Indicates?

Apple’s system status page indicates that Apple Pay and Wallet are undergoing maintenance, which began at 12 PM. This timing is unusual for maintenance that disrupts payments. The page also mentions that “Some Maryland Users may have issues,” but reports have surfaced from New York and LA as well, indicating a broader impact.

The Chase Customer Service Line Is Experiencing Up To 15-Minute Wait Times

Currently, the Chase customer service line is experiencing up to 15-minute wait times. Representatives are informing customers that Apple Pay is undergoing maintenance for “an unexpected upgrade,” though no specific timeframe for resolution has been provided. Apple has been contacted for comment, and we will provide updates as soon as we receive any information.



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