Bosso Africa Recently Secures Funding to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Bosso Africa, a construction tech startup based in Zambia, secures funding to improve supply chain efficiency. In response to the pressing need for affordable housing throughout Africa, Bosso Africa is spearheading an innovative project to streamline the building supply chain.

Bosso Africa Secures Funding to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency
Bosso Africa Secures Funding to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

The company intends to transform building material accessibility for hardware stores, construction companies, and individual builders across the continent using its extensive online marketplace.

Bosso Africa Secures Funding to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Via their cutting-edge e-commerce platform, Bosso Africa’s CEO, Chisepo Chirwa, expressed the company’s commitment to guaranteeing the general availability of reasonably priced building products. The goal of this platform is to provide a more rapid, economical, and simplified answer to the problems that millions of people in Africa’s construction industry face.

Bosso Africa strategically partners with financial institutions to increase its clients’ access to credit. Bosso Africa provides a range of financing choices through these partnerships, such as conventional mortgages, the popular “buy now pay later” (BNPL) credit model, and the novel “save now, build later” (SNBL) strategy.

Chirwa emphasized the considerable obstacles and prospects found in Africa’s construction industry, emphasizing Bosso Africa’s view that this is a key area for advancing the continent’s development. The company’s objective aligns with the continuous endeavors of multiple African governments to guarantee the availability of reasonably priced housing for its populace.

The impact investing business Renew Capital, which focuses on Africa, recognizes the importance of Bosso Africa’s cutting-edge platform. The investment and project manager for Renew Capital in Zambia, Calvin Chitangala, underlined the critical role that affordable housing materials have in achieving the goal of affordable housing. With great pleasure, Renew Capital supports Bosso Africa in its endeavors to improve building material sourcing throughout Africa.

Bosso Africa’s Strategic Alliances with Manufacturers Offer a Large Range of Products

Bosso Africa’s strategic alliances with manufacturers enable it to offer a large range of products while enhancing the supply chain’s efficiency and transparency for construction. By reducing transaction costs, this cooperative strategy makes cheap housing more accessible to a wider range of people.

It is expected that when Bosso Africa picks up steam, their e-commerce platform will help solve the urgent need for cheap housing throughout the continent, promote sustainable development, and aid in the expansion of the construction industry.



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