Apple Now Sells the AirPods Pro USB-C Case All by itself for $99

Apple now sells the AirPods pro USB-C case all by itself for $99. This deal and news simply means that you no longer have to purchase an entirely new set of AirPods Pro in a bid to get a case with a USB-C port.

Apple AirPods Pro USB-C Case

Apple AirPods Pro USB-C Case

Apple has started selling the USB-C charging case for its second-generation AirPods Pro as a standalone buy. But it however does not come cheap, just so you know. The MagSafe-compatible case, which is available immediately, is priced at $99. Still, if it is that you are dead set on switching all of your gadgets to USB-C and you are already a proud owner of a pair of second-gen AirPods Pro with a Lightning case, then know that this upgrade is cheaper than purchasing a whole new set.

Delivery estimates as you should know are already showing an arrival date of after Christmas, so that means that the case might just not be a viable holiday stocking stuffer unless it is that your local Apple store gets stock in the next couple of days.

Specs and Features of USB-C AirPods Pro Case

The USB-C AirPods Pro, which was released in the early parts of this year, still has some advantages over the original Lightning model. Namely, they are dust-resistant, in addition to just being able to handle splashes of water. (The standalone case in question is rated IP54 just like the earbuds.) The USB-C AirPods Pro just as you should know will also be able to deliver lossless audio wirelessly when they are used with Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset upon its release in the coming year.

But as long as it is that you have got the second-gen buds with either port, then you can take advantage of the latest AirPods Pro software features of Apple such as Adaptive Audio and Conversation Detection.



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