Apple Music Arrives on PlayStation 5 – Apple Music Features on PS 5

Apple music Arrives on PlayStation 5 with an interesting feature. If you do happen to be an Apple Music subscriber, and you own a PlayStation 5, then the new Apple music now being available on PlayStation 5 should bring you joy. While the app works as you would expect music streaming app to, it seems that the Apple Music app that is available on the PS5 came with some very interesting functions.

Apple Music Arrives on PlayStation 5

Apple Music Arrives on PlayStation 5

Just As Sony explains on the PlayStation Blog, you can make use of the Apple Music both independently and Play Music in the background While you are in the middle of a game. That is par for the course for Music streaming apps on the console.

For instance, Spotify, which happens to be an app that has been available on PlayStation 5 for some time already, Offers that same functionality. However, where things get much more interesting is Apple’s Music recommendations.

Apple Music Features on PS 5

If you want to Play Music in the game, you can choose to open Apple Music App right before you commence playing or when you are right in the middle of Playing the game, hit the PS button that is available on your controller, and then you can choose to navigate to Music Function card that is in the Control Center.

When you are there, Sony States that you would be able to see the recommendations that Match the game that you happen to be playing currently playing.  What this means specifically is a little ambiguous, but Music recommendations happen to be based on the game that you are playing currently and certainly make for an intriguing feature.

Subscribers would be granted access to their very own Playlists, Apple’s Curated playlists, and Apple Music Radio. To add, PS5 users, get to make use of Apple Music to Play Music videos right on their consoles and even continue Playing those music videos right in the background in other to resume Playing games.

Downloading Apple Music on PlayStation 5

Well, it seems like Apple Music is the right Music app to make use of on PlayStation 5. If you happen to be an Apple Music Subscriber, you would be able to find the app on The PlayStation Store starting today. You would be required to link your Apple Music account directly to your console via the on-screen instruction the very first time you launch the app on your Console.


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