Google Unveils Android 12L for Tablets – Android 12L Taskbar

Google Unveils Android 12L for Tablets. A new version of Android has just been unveiled by Google, and it is called the Android 12L, with an eye for much larger displays. They came delivered a message that on the One hand state that Android 12L is “a special feature drop”, and on the other states that android 12L is “an OS that has been optimized for large screens.”

Google Unveils Android 12L for Tablets

Google also stated that the Android 12L “refines the System UI” of Android 12, making the android 12 readies for the future of the next wave of a much larger screen and transforming screen devices.

Google Unveils Android 12L for Tablets

This is a pretty unique one as googles don’t currently possess a device that is positioned to be a perfect piece of hardware on which you would be able to run the software they’re showing. Normally, Google would be able to show a new version of Android, the release said software in a developers preview so that other devices like Pixel phones get to run the OS in advance of the General Public.

Based on the fact that there is no big-screen android 12 device available in the world currently that could google could target using this software, they are now releasing it to developers as an emulator with a studio. What this basically means is that developers would get to run the OS as a virtual device on their desktop computer, using Google’s device Manager software.

Google’s Documentation

Google’s documentation for the emulator states that the user should pick a Pixel C in the category of Tablet for a new virtual test device. They also suggested that the developers that are all in this category should pick the “7.9-inch Fold-in with outer display” in the phone category. You get to read into this as one potential point of reference for Google’s very first foldable device, but Google states that no such device is existing at the moment.

An interesting new feature for the Android 12L now includes a two-column layout for quick settings and notifications, optimization of the screen grid for foldable, and a new “polished” Fold unfold transition.

Android 12L Taskbar

The Android 12L comes with a new taskbar right at the button of the OS screen in Landscape mode. A taskbar in this situation is a black bar on which an Array of apps sits quite well for easy tapping launching. This taskbar works pretty well with a split-screen mode that, again makes use of the size of the screen for maximum efficacy.

This is just the start, Google will soon begin to implement a feature that was announced at the starting of this year, like the large-screen-specific app rating that is in the Google Play Store for app of different sizes.


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