Apple Could Develop an AirTag 2

Apple could develop an AirTag 2 but it is totally dependent on one condition and that is the AirTag 1.

Apple Could Develop an AirTag 2

Apple Could Develop an AirTag 2

Back in April 2021 since the apple AirTag tracker was launched, nothing about a possible second-generation version of the device has been heard of. But it however seems that an AirTag 2 is still in the making at Apple. Will this come to eventuality, well, we will have to wait and keep and our fingers crossed on this one.

The news about a second-generation device from the tech company is cited according to Ming-Chi Kuo who is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the industry. He is also a person who is usually accurate in terms of leaks and predictions. And even at that, it is still by no means that we are going to be seeing a new version of the AirTag anytime soon.

Ming-Chi Kuo has however stated that an apple AirTag 2 will be possible if strong sales of the AirTag 2 continue. Apple is therefore waiting to see just how popular the product will be over a long period of time before it commits to coming out with a new one.

The Sales of the Apple AirTag 1 Will Affect the Decision of a Possible AirTag 2

Based on the information shared by Kuo, the sales of the apple AirTag are growing gradually. In 2021 alone, up to 20 million units of the tracking devices were estimated to be shipped and that number is predicted to spike to 35 million over the course of 2022.

It is also cited by the apple analyst Kuo that if this type of growth continues with the device, a second edition of the AirTag will be developed. And given the fact that Apple has actually considered a production of a second edition of the tracking device, the AirTag 2 is not actually very far down the line at this point.

It is kind of hard to pinpoint how apple could make an improvement on the first AirTag. But we all know that Apple seems to bring out regular refreshes of all its other hardware products. With that being said, it would be surprising to see if the AirTag would be left out of the equation.

Final Analysis of the Apple AirTag 2

Quite frankly, Apple is not the first tech company to come out with a tracking device. But the company as in other hardware categories simply improved on what was already out there. The AirTag is a device that appeals both in terms of its ease of use and aesthetics.

And from what Kuo has said so far, it seems that the sales of the AirTag 1 have not really lived up to market expectations, but however they are now picking up momentum as iPhone users now realize just how helpful they can be and how easy and intuitive they are to use and set up of course.


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