Alexa Game Control Adds Voice Commands to PC and Console Games

Alexa Game Control Adds Voice Commands to PC and Console Games for a much better experience. You definitely must have heard about amazon Alexa in the context of devices like the Echo, Echo Dot, or even the Fire Stick, but soon enough, the voice assistant might have a much wider reach seeing as Amazingly just revealed their upcoming launch of the Alexa Game control.

Alexa Game Control Adds Voice Commands to PC and Console Games

This brand-new feature is expected to go beyond the current limitations of Amazon’s Alexa technology in order for you to help gamers control certain parts of their games through voice. As announced at Gamescom 2022, Alexa Game Control might one day work its way into a lot of games.

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Alexa Game Control Adds Voice Commands to PC and Console Games

Previously, for you to be able to communicate with Alexa, you are expected to have a compatible device. Alexa Game Control is expected to widen the horizons considerably, and you should be able to make use of any microphone or headset connected to a PC, laptop, or console.

The compatibility, therefore, seems to be existing on a game-by-game basis. To that end, one of the franchises has already embraced the new tech, and Amazon looks a lot eager to make Alexa Game control accessible to game developers.

This feature supports the Unreal Engine 4, unity, and game engines based on C++, which is expected to translate to a wide range of titles that could potentially support it. Amazon built the new software right on the same AI-powered technology that we already know from regular Alexa.

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Alexa Game Control Sign Up

Amazon has properly detailed some of the best ways gamers could actually utilize Alexa Game control in other to provide much better gameplay. At first glance, it seems like communicating with Alexa could turn out to be quite natural. To begin with, you wouldn’t have to say “Alexa”.

The assistant is expected to react to some kind of in-game voice command without being called upon, and those commands are expected to most like be pre-determined by game developers. Using voice control, players would be able to interact with non-player characters (NPCs), swap their weapons, craft new items, and more.

Some of the commands that Amazon could actually foresee being used include “swap to my best weapon” or “where is the nearest workbench,” as stated by the company.

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Dead Island 2 Features Alexa Game Control

The latter happens to be a real command that would be used in the very first titles that would feature Alexa Game control: “Dead Island 2.” In the upcoming game, Amazon stated that players would be able to make use of the voice commands for navigation or for manipulating hordes of zombies with a fun “hey Zombie” phrase.

Playing a game does not exactly mean that you should give up on your other Alexa functionalities. Making use of the wake word “Alexa,” gamers would still be able to use the voice assistant for its original purpose, which includes controlling the lights in the room or hearing the weather. When it comes to testing out its new functionalities, Amazon stated that you would need to show your interest in joining the beta using an online sign-up form.

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