ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship 2024 | Empowering Surgeons from Low and Middle-Income Countries

The ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship 2024 is a special opportunity for surgeons from low and middle-income countries to gain experience and training in colorectal surgery. This fellowship, offered by the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland (ACPGBI), aims to help bridge the gap in surgical skills and resources between different countries, improving patient care worldwide.

ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship 2024
ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship 2024

Surgeons from low and middle-income countries, as defined by the World Bank, are eligible to apply for this fellowship. This includes colorectal surgeons, general surgeons with an interest in colorectal surgery, and surgical trainees at the registrar or consultant level who are actively involved in clinical practice, research, or teaching in colorectal surgery.

The selected recipient will receive a grant of up to £5000 to cover travel, lodging, and meals during their fellowship.

Type: Fellowship

Application Deadline ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship

The application deadline is March 31. Successful applicants will be notified by April 10. Fellows must submit their complete itinerary by May 15, and the deadline for trip report submission is September 30. Applicants should be aware that the deadline is approaching soon.

Benefits for ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship

The benefits include:

  • The chosen recipient will receive a grant of up to £5000 to cover travel, accommodation, and meals costs. These funds are for attending the annual meeting and visiting one or two hospitals hosted by an ACPGBI member.
  • Before travelling, Traveling Fellows need to submit a detailed itinerary to receive the funds. After completing the fellowship, they must submit an expense summary with original receipts and a visit report.

Eligibility Requirements for ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship

The eligibility is as follows:

  • Available to practising general surgeons in low or middle-income countries, as defined by the World Bank Classification.
  • Upon completion of the visit, the Fellow will submit a short written report detailing their experience.

Condition for ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship

The conditions are:

  • Successful candidates will have the opportunity to visit one or two hospitals in the UK over two weeks and also attend the ACPGBI Annual Meeting.
  • Candidates will be asked to submit an abstract for presentation at the annual meeting and will undergo an interview as part of the selection process.

How to Apply for the ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship

To apply for the ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship 2024, which supports surgeons from low and middle-income countries, follow these steps:

  • Visit the official ACPGBI website at
  • Go to the “Education & Training” section or search for fellowship opportunities.
  • Look for details about the 2024 Travelling Fellowship.
  • Carefully review the eligibility criteria and application requirements.
  • Fill out the application form provided on the website.
  • Gather any necessary supporting documents or recommendation letters.
  • Submit your application before the deadline specified.

Documentation Requirements for ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship

Your application should include:

  • Your curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Names of two referees. References will be contacted before the interview.

Tips for Successful Application for ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship

Here are some tips for your application:

  • Begin your application early to have enough time to gather documents and prepare your submission.
  • Customize your statement to showcase your enthusiasm for colorectal surgery and your dedication to enhancing surgical care in your country.
  • Select referees who can discuss your clinical abilities, professionalism, and leadership potential.
  • Review all documents carefully to ensure accuracy and completeness before submission.
  • Get ready for possible interviews by understanding the fellowship’s goals and explaining how you plan to use this experience after returning home.


The ACPGBI Traveling Fellowship offers surgeons from low and middle-income countries a valuable chance to enhance their skills in colorectal surgery and contribute to its global progress. Here are some common questions about the fellowship:

Frequency Asked Questions

Who can apply for the ACPGBI Travelling Fellowship?

Surgeons actively practising colorectal surgery in low and middle-income countries are eligible to apply.

When is the application deadline?

The deadline varies each year and is typically posted well in advance on the official website.

What are the main benefits of the fellowship?

Benefits include training at leading colorectal surgery centers, mentorship from experts, exposure to advanced techniques, networking opportunities, and leadership development.

Can surgical trainees apply for the fellowship?

Yes, surgical trainees at the registrar or consultant level can apply, provided they meet all other criteria.

Is proficiency in English necessary?

Yes, applicants must have a good command of the English language to participate in the fellowship.



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