8 Best Professional Toners for Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is known for its stunning and diverse range of shades, from icy platinum to warm honey. To maintain the vibrancy, tone, and overall health of blonde hair, using the right toner is essential.

8 Best Professional Toners for Blonde Hair
8 Best Professional Toners for Blonde Hair

However, professional toners are specially formulated to neutralize unwanted undertones, enhance the desired shade, and add a glossy finish to blonde hair.

Whether you’re a natural blonde or have achieved your blonde look through hair dye, finding the best professional toner can make a significant difference in achieving the perfect blonde tone. However, in this article you will get more information and enlightenment on 8 Best Professional Toners for Blonde Hair.

What To Look For When Shopping For The Best Toner For Blonde Hair

“Toner is like a science,” explains Friedman. She says that using too much can make hair look dull and dark, while not using any can lead to brassy hair. Follow her tips to find the right toner for you:

  • Think about the type. You can find toners for home use in different forms like rinses, drops, sprays, glosses, and purple shampoos. However, Friedman suggests using toning conditioners, treatments, and masks because they also moisturize your hair.
  • Check the color. Some toners are purple and others are blue. Purple ones help get rid of yellow or brassy tones. This works because purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel and cancel each other out. Blue toners are best for orange undertones and brassiness – they do the same job. So, pick the right one depending on whether you see unwanted yellow or orange brassy tones in your hair.
  • Consider your hair type. If your hair is dry or damaged, go for a toner that also nourishes, like conditioners or masks. If your hair is in better condition and you want more color and shine, shampoos, drops, glosses, rinses, and sprays are great options.

8 Best Professional Toners for Blonde Hair

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top professional toners designed to cater to various shades of blonde hair, helping you achieve the hair color you’ve always dreamed of while keeping your locks looking salon-fresh. However, below are some of them:

Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Blonde Anti-Brass Toner

Don’t be fooled by the price – this affordable Garnier toning treatment does more than you’d expect. It not only helps tone your hair but also provides extra conditioning benefits and a wonderful fragrance. “What I appreciate is that this product not only adds cool tones to the hair but also gives it a deep treatment.

It’s enriched with natural oils like black currant, olive, and avocado,” explains April Franzino, GH Beauty Director. While this treatment is suitable for both dyed and natural blondes, a few reviewers mentioned that it might not be as effective on hair that has been treated before.


COLOR WOW Dream Filter Pre Shampoo Mineral Remover

This spray is named Dream Filter for a good reason: it does a fantastic job of eliminating metals and minerals that can mess up your hair color and bring out the brightness in your hair within minutes. “Sometimes, I face problems with a buildup that makes my blonde highlights look less vibrant.

This spray quickly helps get rid of that, making them appear fresh and not darkened as they might become over time,” explains Franzino. “What’s great is how simple it is to use – you just spray it all over your hair before shampooing.” Even though many reviewers are impressed by its effectiveness, a few mentioned that you need to saturate your hair and use a generous amount of the product each time, which means the bottle might not last for many uses.


B Uniq Purple Hair Mask

Make your hair stronger, moisturized, and brighter with this popular product from B Uniq on Amazon. This super-strong purple mask adds extra color to blonde, platinum, and bleached hair. It contains special oils like jojoba, marula, and coconut that deeply nourish your hair. There are also soy proteins and vitamin B5 that make your hair stronger and softer. “I’ve honestly found this product to be amazing for my bleached blonde hair; it’s like magic for getting rid of yellow and brassy tones,” shares one person who bought it on Amazon. However, be careful because while it’s great for your hair, it could leave stains on clothes and bathroom surfaces. So, make sure to protect anything you wouldn’t want to get discolored.


Joico Color Balance Blue Conditioner

Wave farewell to those annoying orange streaks. With this Joico conditioner, you can say goodbye to brassy tones. The conditioner has special blue pigments that stick to your hair to get rid of those unwanted tones. Not only that, but it also has a strong peptide mix that fixes damage, battles frizz, and makes your hair shiny. “After using it, my hair feels conditioned and there’s no leftover color,” a Walmart customer says. Some other people who tried it thought it was good at toning, but it didn’t make their hair as smooth or nourished as some other conditioners.


John Frieda Violet Crush Purple Conditioner

Revive your ombré color with this John Frieda conditioner that’s rich in nourishment. It uses violet pigments to refresh your hair, making it brighter and reducing any brassiness. These pigments also help shield your hair from UV damage, stopping it from getting discolored again. When you’re toning ombré hair, remember to only apply the product on the blonde ends and avoid the roots to keep your overall hair color unchanged, as advised by Friedman. A senior chemist from the GH Beauty Lab, Danusia Wnek, really likes this conditioner and the matching shampoo.


Davines Alchemic Conditioner, Golden, 8.80 oz.

Ideal for individuals with golden and honey blonde hair shades, Davine’s deep conditioning toner is a great choice. According to Friedman, it effectively restores richness to hair color and adds a sparkling effect when exposed to sunlight. While this conditioner effectively enhances hair color vibrancy, some users mentioned that it might not provide substantial conditioning and detangling advantages.


Davines Alchemic Conditioner Silver, 8.80 oz.

Silver and gray hair also deserve some attention for brightening. While a bit on the expensive side, this Davines conditioner is quite luxurious. It works wonders for improving and balancing platinum, silver, and cool blonde tones. According to Friedman, it’s a safe option that can help you achieve your desired hair color tone.


John Frieda Violet Crush Purple Shampoo

John Frieda Violet Crush Purple Shampoo kisses brassiness goodbye in as little as one wash. This intense formula by Kao USA cleanses while instantly neutralizing brassy tones for fresh and brighter hair. Deposits crushed violet pigments into blonde hair to counter-act yellow tones to make color-treated or highlighted blonde hair appear cooler and brighter in as little as one use.


How Do You Use a Toner for Blonde Hair

Friedman shares her expert tips to achieve the best outcomes when using a toner for blonde hair:

  • After bleaching, it’s recommended to wait for about two weeks before using a toner at home. However, if you get your hair bleached at a salon, your colorist should apply a toner right after to achieve optimal results.
  • For the most vibrant results and to prolong your hair color’s lifespan, apply the toner once a week.
  • Identify the parts of your hair with the most brassiness, and concentrate the toner application only on those areas. She suggests that unless your entire hair is discolored, applying toner all over might lead to a mismatch between the brassy sections and the rest of your hair.



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