7 Quick Ways to Hotwire a Car In An Emergency

If you’re a car owner, you might need to learn how to Hotwire a car, especially for emergency sake. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about Hotwiring a car, so take your time to extend your knowledge! Basically, when you start up the engine of an old car without the car keys, you just Hotwired a car.

How to Hotwire a Car

You might have witnessed a car theft before or probably seen one while watching a movie, you notice how the car thief goes below the car steering and kind of twists two wires together to start up the vehicle, that’s actually how easy and quick it can be to Hotwire a Car!

Please note that we do not support car theft nor do we encourage or suggest you go Hotwire a car that does not belong to you. Our goal is your ability to Hotwire your car if you eventually find yourself in an emergency situation, and your key is nowhere to be found.

These days new or recently manufactured Cars use an immobilizer, which makes Hotwiring difficult on them. Hence it is important that you check to see if your car is equipped with an immobilizer before trying to hotwire it. However, there are still certain ways to bypass the immobilizer feature in new care but then it requires being very experienced to perform.

Very important! Hotwiring a car is risky to the safety and wellbeing of your vehicle, this is because there is a high chance to experience electrical shock if proper precautions are not taken. Also, the wiring of your vehicle could be damaged when hotwiring is attempted. So, ensure you always leave the car in neutral with the emergency brake applied before attempting.

How to Hotwire a Car

The steps below will guide you on how to Hotwire a car

Take away the plastic cover underneath the steering:

The first step to take to Hotwire a car is to remove the plastic cover around the steering column, this will help you to reach the ignition switch easily, then use a screwdriver to remove the screws under the steering wheel, you will find the wiring harness connection for the ignition switch.

Find the ignition switch plug

At the backside of the ignition switch, you will find a connector going to the ignition switch, then you have two options on what to do; it’s either you remove the connector to make the wires shot or you simply cut the wires to shorten them.

Determine the ignition switch wirings

In hotwiring a car, this step is considered the most important part of making a successful hotwiring. Observe carefully to find out the work of each connector. Find the wiring diagram marked on the ignition lock on some cars, to know where each wire is headed to. Also, find out the following: battery, ignition, and starter motor wires.

Usually, the battery cables are red, while the starter is yellow, and the ignition cables are brown. However, ensure you confirm it with the owner’s manual.

You must be careful in finding the right wires, failure to do that can burn the engine control units as much as set the whole car on fire.

Disconnect and separate the battery, starter, and ignition wires

The moment you are able to identify the starter, ignition, and battery wires, make sure you strip them, alternatively, you can short them in the connector instead.

Bend or Twist the ignition and battery cable

At this stage, you start twisting together the ignition and the battery cable. You will notice a slight spark when connecting them, however, if the spark becomes terrible, then you have found the wrong wires.

Confirm if the ignition is turned on

The moment the ignition and battery wires are connected, you will hear the ignition in your car turned on, also, you’re likely to hear the fuel pump starting. But if none of these happens, then you probably found the wrong cables.

Join the starter & battery cable together

Be sure that the ignition is on, then proceed to make the engine start. You can do that by simply holding together the starter motor cable and the battery source for a few seconds until the car starts. Once your car starts, remove these two cables from each other, and leave the battery and ignition cable bent or twisted together.

FAQ on How To Hotwire a Car

What are the tools needed in Hot-wiring a Car?

Quick Hotwiring a car requires the use of specific tools which includes;

  • An electrical tape
  • Cutters for Wire
  • Pliers
  • A sledgehammer
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Insulated Gloves
  • A car (Of course, your car with confirmation of ownership)

What does Hot-wiring a car mean?

Basically, hotwiring a car is when the engine of a vehicle is started without the use of a car key. As previously mentioned in the article, you may have seen it in most movies as well as personal experience of vehicle theft. Please note that Hotwiring a vehicle is a technique utilized by criminals and car owners who have misplaced their keys or are in an emergency. Further research can be done on Google.


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