6 Ways to Find a Reputable Wholesale Diamond Dealer in Dallas

There are 6 Ways to Find a Reputable Wholesale Diamond Dealer in Dallas. As a buyer of diamonds, you should be wise enough to know the things to check before dealing with your diamond dealers. In this way, you can be able to negotiate with them on the price of the diamond you will be buying. Choose the best wholesale diamond dealers in Dallas so you can get the best diamond as well.

6 Ways to Find a Reputable Wholesale Diamond Dealer in Dallas

How to Know If You Are Dealing With a Reputable Wholesale Diamond Dealer?

Being keen on picking the best diamond dealer required to check the following 6 factors:


Checking the reputation of the diamond dealer on their online platforms can be a good way to know how they treat their precious clients since you can see feedback on their pages. Plus you can also get recommendations from people you know on where they bought their diamonds. Reviews from previous customers always count when measuring the reputation of a diamond dealer.

Years in Business

Check on how long the diamond store has been operating. This can tell if they have established good business as well as good relationships with their customers. Otherwise, the store should have been closed for a long time already.


Check on their permits and licenses, every legit business should have this since without this they would be considered illegal. No one wants to buy a blood diamond. Diamond dealers should be able to qualify before they can get the license they need to sell diamonds in the market.

Variety of Diamonds

Check on their stocks, if they are updated with the new styles and newest diamonds in the market then this means they are indeed running a good business. You can count on getting the latest diamond at a more affordable price. More variety means a bigger market too.

Customer Service

Check their staff if they also display a knowledge of the diamonds they are selling. Plus having an in-store gemologist can make you more assured that the diamonds are indeed evaluated well.

Prices of Diamonds

Before you talk to a diamond dealer, you have to be familiar with the prices of diamonds in the market in Dallas. This way you will know who offers the best and are honest enough to give you the price of the diamonds in their store.

Is it Better to Buy a Wholesale Diamond?

There are several advantages of buying a diamond in the wholesale store and these include:

  • Getting the Diamonds at a more Affordable Price. Wholesale price is about 40% or even 60% lower than the prices in the retail store.
  • Wholesale diamond stores have more choices and you can easily find the one that you are looking for.
  • Also, Wholesale diamonds have a higher value since you can buy them as loose diamonds instead of pre-mounted in a setting.

Questions to Ask A Wholesale Diamond Dealer in Dallas

Below are some of the questions to ask yourself

Are your Diamonds Real?

Asking this question can give you more information about diamonds. The diamond dealer will be honest enough to tell you if the diamonds are indeed naturally mined or not.

What is your Return and Exchange Policy?

Knowing the return and exchange policy before buying your diamond is important. If an unexpected situation happens after buying the diamond then you know the remedy to get your money back or to change to different ones.

Do you have Insurance?

Most diamond purchases come with insurance, making sure it is better than having issues after the diamond has already been purchased. Insurance can serve as protection for the seller and the buyer therefore they are important to be discussed before the purchase.

Do your Diamonds have Certificates?

Certificates are important for diamonds. Certification contains the details of the diamond’s properties and it is the best proof of its authenticity. Diamonds sold should always come with a certification otherwise their authenticity is questionable. So this question should always be asked when buying diamonds.

Hope these 6 ways to find a reputable wholesale diamond dealer in Dallas and other information can help you decide which of the diamond dealers near your area is best to buy from. Diamonds are expensive and it is just right to consider all the factors mentioned before purchasing one so you can get your money’s worth.



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