Amazon Fire Tablet Deals – Today’s Best Amazon Fire Tablet Deals

The Amazon Fire tablet deals offer you the best chance of getting your hands on already-cheap tablets at a much lower price, and while this week those are not as steep as they were towards the 2021 end, some excellent savings is to be carried out. In other cases, these fire tablet deals are only a few dollars off the record lows and still well worth their discounts. This means you’ll find the price cuts that are on everything from the super cheap fire 7 (now down to $39.99, was 49.99), All the way through to the latest Amazon Fire HD 10 (now $94.99, was $149.99).

Amazon Fire Tablet deals

However, the happy medium for most is the Amazon Fire HD 8. With 32GB of storage, an 8-inch display, and 12-hour battery life you’re certainly getting plenty of value here – in a tablet perfectly designed for cheap contest streaming, web browsing, and kindle reading. Right now, this $25 discount brings the final price to $64.99.

You’ll find all these Amazon fire tablet deals just below, with more offers from around the web further down the page as well.

Today’s Best Amazon Fire Tablet Deals

There are lots of interesting deals that you would find concerning the Amazon fire tablet. below I would be stating them for you.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet:  $49.99 $39.99 at Amazon

You can now grab the Fire 7 tablet for $39.99 this week at Amazon. This is the lowest price available right now, and an excellent discount on the already cheap 7-inch device. You’re getting 16GB of storage in here with about seven hours of battery life as well.

All-new Fire HD 8 tablet: $89.99 $64.99 at Amazon

If you are going for a bigger and better screen, though, you can also make an upgrade to the Fire HD 8 tablet. there’s a $25 discount on this model, further taking it down to just $64.99 at Amazon as of now. There’s an 8-inch HD display on here, with 32GB of storage and 12 hours of battery life.

All-new Fire HD 10: 149.99 $94.99 at Amazon

Save $55 on the most powerful Amazon Fire tablet that is on the market with this $94.99 sales price. You would be getting a 10-inch HD display here, with 32GB of storage, USB-C fast charging, 2GB RAM, and about 12 hours of battery life.

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