43-inch UHD and 24-inch FHD Now Available for Samsung Smart Monitors – Samsung Smart Monitors Features

Samsung Smart Monitors now available in43-inch UHD and 24-inch FHD options. Lots of monitors nowadays have gotten a lot better and advanced. But the way they work has mostly stayed the same. You connect a video source, just like you do in computers and consoles, or even a mobile phone without which the monitor is not functional.

43-inch UHD and 24-inch FHD Now Available for Samsung Smart Monitors

43-inch UHD and 24-inch FHD Now Available for Samsung Smart Monitors

As of late last year, Samsung decided to launch out a new breed of displays that, while also acting as the monitors, can also serve their own content coming from other sources. These Samsung Smart monitors happen to be growing their own content from other sources. Samsung Smart Monitors is now growing with two new modes that happen to be covering the smallest and the largest needs.

The special thing about Samsung monitors line is that they can be very useful even with a smartphone or computer connected. Running the same Tizen OS that it makes use of on its smart TVs, the monitors actually help you stream content directly using the Samsung Hub. It also get to connect to your computer remotely, just like those from Microsoft 365.

Samsung Smart Monitors Features

This update would come with two no models to fold. On one end of the range is a new M5 24-inch screen that came with a FHD resolution cater to all those with spaces that are cramped. On the opposite extreme is a hulking M7 43-inch option that, thankfully, would also come with a higher density UHD resolution. And at this point, the Smart Monitor really becomes a lot like a smart TV that also happens to connect to a laptop or phone.

The latter part happens to be an important distinction for Samsung, and of course, as it plays into its DeX system for mobile. Especially with the latest announced smart Keyboard Trio, Samsung has decided to push their DeX back into the consciousness of people. Luckily, it means its also happens to be preparing some updates and improvements to the platforms soon, perhaps when it launches the Galaxy Z Fold 3 coming in July or August.

To add to the announcement of the new smart monitor models, Samsung also happens to boast of the remote that accommodates the 43-inch UHD model that was made from recycled plastic and can be charged from solar power or lightbulbs. Other models would also be getting remotes that are at least crafted partially from plastic that is recycled.


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