Linux Now has a Fix for Chrome Crashing on Windows 10 – Linux Chrome Crashing Fix

If you have been experiencing Chrome Crashing on Windows 10, then Linux now has a fix for chrome crashing on windows 10. A lot of people are now relying on the web nowadays not just to stay informed or connected but to work as well.

Web browsers have now become a critical piece of the software that is available on any of the platforms, so when those breaks, the internet would be filled with lots of complaints and demands for explanations. That is what happened weekend when Google Chrome on Windows 10 started facing issues concerning crashing left and right. Google immediately introduces a fix and its solution seems to be as strange as the bugs it offers fixes for.

Linux Now has a Fix for Chrome Crashing on Windows 10

Nobody aside from Google recognizes what bug it is that made chrome crash suddenly at random for a large number of users. This issue was blamed on one of the silent update made by Google, which always took place without people noticing, while other were quick to point the finger towards the extensions. This can be implied, however, coming from the fix of Google, it was related to its Origin Trials experiments.

The Origin Trials happens to be what Google called its system for testing their features that are yet to be released on a piecemeal basis. The thing about it, however, is that it would be an opt-in thing than something that would be further applied behind the scenes. As one user that has been affected, who traced the bug right to their system, the case was not the same in this scenario.

Linux Chrome Crashing Fix

Google did not exactly state what occurred, but it did hint at exactly that. In its Google Chrome Community post the fix, it instructs Linux users to go enter their profile’s Origin Trials directory and delete a certain file. Interestingly, this happens to be an acknowledgment that the issue would also affect Linux users and not just windows users as reported earlier.

The windows 10 fix is now actually much simpler, ever since Windows does not make it easier for you to go into hidden directories, which is completely understandable. Users of chrome are required to keep their browsers open for just about 5 minutes after quitting all their instances of the browser and the fix would be downloaded and it would be applied right in the background.


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