4 Accessories Inspired By Your Favorite Netflix Series

4 Accessories Inspired By Your Favorite Netflix Series

Fashion trends inspired by celebrities and pop culture icons aren’t exactly new, starting from John Lennon’s iconic glasses to Wolverine’s iconic jacket from the 2009 film Wolverine Origins. People tend to feel a certain satisfaction relating to their fictional characters through copying those characters’ fashion choices.

4 Accessories Inspired By Your Favorite Netflix Series

Netflix, as a streaming service, has a number of popular shows with iconic characters and their styles. For the most part, these accessories are easily available around you, starting from headbands to baseball caps. Here are some accessories that can be used to copy the looks of popular characters from some of those shows.


If you haven’t watched Bridgerton on Netflix, then you should definitely give the show a try. This period drama is based on Julia Quinn’s novels and is currently the most-watched show on Netflix. While you might not fancy the Regency era London fashion as a whole, one thing that the show’s costume department got right is the headbands many of the characters wear.

Headbands are just as popular today as it was in Regency-era England, and some of the headband designs in the show are absolutely gorgeous. Ornate headbands that match your hair color are the way to go if you want to copy the style of any of the pretty ladies in the show. If you’re feeling a bit fancy, you can try out the hairstyles as well.

You can buy different types of headbands on Amazon, Etsy, ASOS, and other eCommerce stores that cater to women’s fashion. Retail stores also often sport nice headband collections, so paying a visit to any jewelry store near you can also result in some good finds.


Medallions as fashion accessories aren’t exactly new and have been quite popular until the late 2000s when men started wearing fewer accessories. However, the recent Witcher TV show starring Henry Cavill is based on the popular gaming franchise. In the show’s story, the titular Witchers wear medallions which is an iconic part of the outfit.

While the protagonist Geralt sports a wolf medallion signifying the school of Witchers he was trained in, you can also choose from other animal avatars that look just as stylish and deadly as Geralt’s wolf medallion. Cat, Bear, viper, crane, and griffin are all lore-wise canon animal medallions if you’re a fan of the show and books, but you can go for other animal medallions if you want to.

Pairing a medallion successfully with your outfit can be a bit tough if you like wearing tight and form-fitting clothes unless you’re wearing a jacket. If you’re wearing a shirt, unbutton a few of the top buttons to allow the medallion to stick out. Medallions go with almost all types of clothing as long as they don’t detract from the color or are too formal.


Glasses are probably the most popular fashion accessory people pick up when it comes to copying their favorite celebrities. Whether it be John Lennon’s iconic round glass frames or Tom Cruise’s stylish Aviators in Top Gun, glasses have never fallen out of fashion since their invention, especially sports sunglasses.

After stylishly sporting them in his recent outings in Extraction and MIB: International, Chris Hemsworth is making Aviators and square sports glasses a thing. Emily in Paris star Lily Collins is also making simple but elegant glass frames popular among ladies as well.

Baseball Caps

To be honest, baseball caps really don’t need much of a celebrity endorsement to be popular, considering its part and parcel of the American culture. So much so that it’s highly popular in many countries, especially in East Asia where baseball isn’t even popular but American pop culture definitely is.

This isn’t anything unusual as caps are popular in any country that has hot weather and baseball caps are definitely more stylish than regular caps. They are easily available in international markets and come in a variety of colors and designs.

In the recent Netflix hit Squid Game, many of the characters wear baseball caps which has inspired fans to buy replica caps of the same design. As long as you’re dressed casually, baseball caps can go with almost any outfit.

Spicing up your Wardrobe

If you’re looking to jazz up your wardrobe this summer, then accessories inspired by your favorite celebrities can be a fun way to do it if you haven’t done so before. As long as you don’t force yourself to buy the exact same model your favorite star is wearing, you’ll definitely come across some fresh and interesting choices. So go ahead and have fun shopping.

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