3.0 Verse Debuts in Nigeria and Collaborates on Blockchain Education with SIBAN

3.0 Verse, a multifunctional digital asset company debuts in Nigeria and collaborates on blockchain education with SIBAN. 3.0 Verse provides customers with a platform to access all information related to digital assets.

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3.0 Verse Debuts in Nigeria and Collaborates on Blockchain Education with SIBAN

Launched in Nigeria, 3.0 Verse is a digital asset company that has expanded beyond Africa. The ceremony was held at Lagos’ esteemed Landmark Events Centre. The Web 3 company, which has its headquarters in India, claimed that its debut in Nigeria will use blockchain technology to completely transform the trading and investment environment in Africa.

Speaking on the company’s foray into the African market, Mayur Poddar, the director, observed that many Nigerians are concerned about the ongoing depreciation of the Nigerian Naira. But he added that his business would train anyone who wanted to learn how to make a life off the blockchain.

He commented, “Today we are here in Africa to launch our to all the Nigerian and African users. The current devaluation of the currency in Nigeria has been a tremendous worry for all the people of Nigeria. Whether it’s a professional trader or a housewife, anybody can learn, educate themselves, and then get into this digital era of the world.

3.0 Verse Was Created by Combining the Final Elements, Do You Know?

3.0 Verse is a multifunctional digital assets company that was founded in 2021 and provides customers with a platform where they may access all information related to digital assets. The business does indeed consider itself the Google of Web3. Its goal is to demystify technical concepts for the general public and educate them about digital assets so they can make informed decisions and invest in them. The company has only been in business for 2.5 years, but already has 3 million users.

The term “3.0 Verse” was created by combining the final elements of Web 3.0 and the metaverse, the two most cutting-edge phenomena that comprise the blockchain, with its administrative headquarters located in the United Arab Emirates and its technical base located in India.

Mayur Poddar, the director, claims that there are a lot of things going on in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space that individuals are unsure of where to begin. Thus, the business uses its platform to educate people. Additionally, there is a part that informs readers of all the latest developments in the cryptocurrency sector.

Verse Functions as a Trading Platform with a Dashboard that Decentralized Exchanges

Subsequently, there’s a part dubbed “Verse,” which functions as a trading platform in its technical sense and provides users with a dashboard that displays all controlled and decentralized exchanges. This implies that customers will only need to use one dashboard instead of hopping between several exchanges, such as Binance and Luno, to trade or obtain information.

3.0 Web announced its collaboration with the Stakeholders in the Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria (SIBAN) at the time of its introduction. The association’s president, Obinna Iwuno, stated that the partnership’s goal is to advance blockchain and cryptocurrency education in Nigeria.

3.0 Verse Claimed to Have Already Teamed Up with the Lagos State Police Commissioner to Handle Cybercrimes

He said, “The purpose of this event is a partnership with 3.0 Verse and SIBAN. 3.0 Verse is coming into Africa. They are launching in Nigeria, and the partnership that we have with them is for Blockchain and crypto education. With this, we hope to get more people educated about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.”

Obinna also expressed optimism that the SIBAN may pass additional laws governing the use of digital assets in Africa, especially in Nigeria, with greater education. Additionally, he thinks that the collaboration will support the creation of infrastructure necessary for the ecosystem’s expansion. As a result, more people will become involved in helping to scale the ecosystem by utilizing a variety of blockchain-based solutions.

3.0 Verse claimed to have already teamed up with the Lagos State Police Commissioner to inform the police force about blockchain technology, how to handle cybercrimes and other related topics. The corporation claims that it will work closely with the police to help them navigate these issues in Lagos State and throughout Nigeria.



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