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Do you know that you can use Zelle directly with the Chase mobile app? Now you know. This is quite amazing as you don’t need to have multiple banking apps on your mobile device anymore.

Chase Zelle App

With the Chase mobile app or through which is their official website, you can still operate the Zelle payment service. Also, your contacts are also safe and secure, so don’t too worry. Now that Chase Bank and Zelle are now partners, makes it easier and reliable.

You don’t need to worry as well about any extra charges as your transactions are also free and the service is always available and working round the clock. Besides, you don’t need any cash, check, or bank account number to make transactions.

Just a U.S. mobile number or an email address is needed and that’s all. Millions of people have their banks registered with Zelle besides there are over 1,000 banking apps associated with Zelle. So, it doesn’t require the receiver to be chase user to use it, you can as well make the transfer.

Chase Zelle App

If you are using both the chase app and the Zelle app on your mobile device; well, this is quite a great opportunity to free some space on your device by uninstalling or deleting the Zelle app.

Since Zelle and chase are now partners, you can use only the chase mobile app to transfer money to your friends, families, suppliers, or vendors within a few minutes. With just having the email or the U.S. mobile number of the receiver, the transaction can be made.

It’s so safe and secure as the account details of both parties are not known to each other not even the account number. So, your account details are well secured. Since it is free to use, charges of any sort relating to transactions can not be found.

Although, messages and data rates might apply depending on your network service. That’s actually a usual thing but just know that a dime is charged for any of your transactions.

Chase Zelle Register

If you don’t know how to register with the Chase Zelle app then you are in the right place. It’s quite easy as long as you got the chase mobile app downloaded and installed on your mobile device.

You can as well use the chase website to register with Zelle but if you already registered, then you don’t need to register again. It’s quite easy even if you just starting to use the service for the first time.

What you need to do is to log in to your chase account and choose ‘QuickPay with Zelle’ on the side menu. Through their website, just go to the Pay & Transfer menu and tap the Pay Bills option in which you click ‘QuickPay with Zelle’.

After clicking the QuickPay with Zelle option on any of the platforms, then select any action you want to make be it send money, request money, view activity, and all that. Although a code would be sent to verify your mobile number or email. Well, that’s all.


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