Yukai Engineering’s Stuffed Animal Robot Will Nibble on Your Finger

Yukai Engineering’s stuffed animal robot will nibble on your finger. Trust me when I tell you that the CES season will not be complete without a couple of offbeat robots showing up at the least and this is what Yukai’s engineering will provide.

Yukai Engineering’s Stuffed Animal Robot Will Nibble on Your Finger

Yukai Engineering’s Stuffed Animal Robot Will Nibble on Your Finger

Yukai engineering which is the maker of the Qoobo robotic cat tail pillow has revealed a soft robot that nibbles on the fingertips of users. The company has revealed that it hopes that the “somewhat pleasing sensation” will help make your day better.

Amagami Ham Ham has an algorithm in place called a “Hamgorithm” that chooses one of two dozen snacking designs, so you’ll never be certain precisely what you’ll feel when you push your digit into the robot’s throat. Yukai planned the examples — which incorporate Tasting Ham, Massaging Ham, and Suction Ham — to reproduce the sensation of a child or pet snacking on one’s finger.

What Amagami Ham Ham Mean In Japanese

“Amagmi” and “ham” in Japanese both mean “soft biting” and “bite” respectively. The engineering company took the look at the robot from the Nemu Nemu stuffed animal series developed by live hearts corporation. The company also revealed that there will be various models to select from including the Yuzu (calico cat) and Kotaro (Shiba Inu).

“Most people like the nibbling sensation but know they need to teach their children or pets to stop it because kids and animals will otherwise bite them with full force eventually,” Tsubasa Tominaga the CMO of Yukai Engineering who invented the robot early this year at a hackathon. “Amagami Ham Ham is a robot that frees humankind from the conundrum of whether ‘to pursue or not to pursue’ the forbidden pleasure.”

The Price of the Robot

At the moment, pricing has not been determined, yet Yukai and Liv Heart intend to run a crowdfunding effort in the spring. Meanwhile, those overcoming CES can look at Amagami Ham at the show, and maybe leave Yukai’s corner with a somewhat more delicate finger.

Other Devices by Yukai

Among the different gadgets, Yukai will flaunt at CES is Bocco Emo. The organization has refreshed the first Bocco robot to go about as a smart medical gadget. Yuki says clinics in Japan are utilizing it to screen patients’ vitals (by means of associated sensors like heartbeat oximeters and thermometers) and tell medical attendants about a patient’s condition.

Bocco Emo during a pilot period was used in informing the families of patients about their well-being. The device can also communicate with patients via sound effects, gestures, and facial expressions while they are waiting for a nurse to arrive at the scene.


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