YouTube Playlist – How To Make YouTube Playlist

Making YouTube Playlist is easy and allows you to capture some of the age-old mixtape magic. If you wish to put all of YouTube videos in one place letting them play one after another, then this is for you.

YouTube Playlist

Creating a YouTube Playlist might seem not right for some users, but trust me it is just a good process. Now, you can get your videos played according to how you like, instead of others popping in.

There is a lot to learn before you can actually create a playlist. It will be of great guide as you read more on this article to learn the method of creating it.

YouTube Playlist

If you still have the question, what a YouTube Playlist is, then here you got it. It is a collection of videos that play in order, automatically.

This is similar to the music playlist you create on both Apple Music or Spotify, but instead for videos. After you finish watching a video, the next automatically comes.

Though this is a normal process for YouTube, the next video is a video you added to your playlist. Instead of any other random videos.

How To Make YouTube Playlist

Let’s get to the part where you learn how you can possibly create a YouTube Playlist. Follow the guide below:

  • Go to your device App Store/Play Store.
  • Enter the keyword YouTube App.
  • Tap on download or Get to install the app on your device.
  • Launch the YouTube app on your device.
  • Now, tap on the magnifying glass from the upper right section of the app.
  • Search for any video you would like to add to the playlist.
  • Tap on the video to play it.
  • Then tap on the Save icon from the right side under the video.
  • Automatically, your video may be added to an automated playlist. You may have to tap on Save again.
  • Now tap on +New Playlist.
  • Enter into the title of your playlist.
  • Select if you may want your playlist to be public or private. But you will have to own a YouTube channel to make your playlist public.
  • And finally, tap on Create.

You can find your new YouTube Playlist by tapping on Library at the bottom options. There you will get your playlists.


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