Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5 – Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5 Specs, Price and Availability

If you are contemplating between Xiaomi and Google, then this Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5 article is just for you. For a lot of individuals, spending big on a flagship phone does not hold much appeal, if it ever did.

Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5


The parlous state of our world economy, as well as a mature smartphone market that’s struggling to produce meaningful advancements. It implies that many are searching for something a bit more modest.

After much review, I have decided to give a guide between the Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5 smartphones. So, ensure to read carefully through to know which you can decide on.

Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5

Thankfully, there are a full bunch of compelling handsets available for much lower than $1,000/£1,000. But which provide a distinctly premium experience.

Two of these phones are the Xiaomi Mi 11 and also the Google Pixel 5. They have very different specs, designs, and price points, but both offer a good deal of value.

Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5 Availability

The Xiaomi Mi 11 has had a rather convoluted rollout. This device was first announced in China in December 2020. Then received a second global launch in February 2021.

It finally arrived in European markets that exact same month. While the Google Pixel 5 landed on October 15, 2020. The Xiaomi Mi 11 isn’t currently being sold within the US. So, you’ll need to run the import gauntlet if you’re set on buying one.

Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5 Price

Prices for the Xiaomi Mi 11 start from £749/AU$1,099/$1,057 for the 128GB model. While a 256GB model is obtainable in the UK for £799/$1,128.

If you head over to the Google Play Store, you’ll find that it continues to sell for $699/£599/AU$999. You will be able to find a deal elsewhere. As long as it’s now past the magic six-month mark. Unlike the Mi 11, it’s available within the US.

Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5 Performance

Xiaomi wins at performance stakes, without question. The Mi 11 packs a state-of-the-art Snapdragon 888 chip from Qualcomm, While the Pixel 5 uses a similar company’s mid-range Snapdragon 765.

This latter chip is both a generation older and a category less than the Snapdragon 888. And this adds up to a whole lot less CPU and GPU power.

While both phones get 8GB of RAM as standard, the Pixel 5 uses slower LPDDR4x memory instead of the Mi 11’s LPDDR5 RAM. You will also find a Mi 11 model out there with 12GB of RAM, do you have to wish to travel even further.

Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5 Specs

Whichever phone you go for, you’ll have a similar starting storage capacity of 128GB. Based on your region. However, you would possibly also find a 256GB upgrade option for the Mi 11.

Both phones offer you stereo speakers, but only the Xiaomi carries extra-meaty Harman Kardon speakers.

It’s been pretty one-sided in favor of the Xiaomi Mi 11 on the hardware front, but Google hits back hard on software. Whereas the Mi 11 leans on Xiaomi’s MIUI, with its garish icons, its busy menus, and its surfeit of bloatware. While the Pixel 5 stocks Android all the way.

Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5 Battery life

The Xiaomi Mi 11 runs on a 4600 mAh battery, which is significantly larger than the Pixel 5’s 4080 mAh cell. But it’s far away from the clear-cut win this might appear to be.

We’ve spent a lot of time up to now in this comparison telling you that the Xiaomi Mi 11 gives you more power, pixels, screen space, more smoothness, more brightness.

On the other hand, we were routinely able to make the Pixel 5 last through a full day of moderate to heavy usage, only popping it on charge come bedtime. The phone’s smaller, less demanding 90Hz display really pays off here.

Xiaomi Mi 11 vs Google Pixel 5 Summary

Xiaomi will get you back up to full strength quicker, though. With a 55W wired charger within the box. And support for 50W wireless charging, you’ll be hitting 100% in half an hour max.

The Pixel 5 only has support for 18W wired and 12W wireless, so you’ll likely need to wait over an hour for a full charge if you’re really low.


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