Xbox’s Redesign Microsoft Store Offers a Faster, Safer and Easier Experience

“Xbox’s Redesign Microsoft Store”. Are you surprised about the Xbox’s redesign micro store? Are you just hearing the word Microsoft store for the very first time? Then this article is for you. Well, Microsoft store is a digital storefront for Windows users. It offers all sorts of digital content like mobile apps for download. Also, this download can be free or paid for. Redesigning micro soft stores also means upgrading the app store in other to meet with the high interest and standard of present-day technology. The good thing about this redesign is that it possesses features that are better than the previous version.

Xbox’s Redesign Microsoft Store

The redesigned Microsoft store on Xbox is now available to all users. The product of what the companies say is years of development, the update marketplace brings with it’s a couple of notable enhancements. The newly designed Microsoft store has new interface loads less than two seconds in most instances. It has also tweaked the storefront to make it easy to see what games your friends are playing and also to find out what product is on sales at the given moment. With the newly developed Microsoft store which has the ability to highlight content rating parents can usually place restrictions on specific apps and games.

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Why was the Microsoft Store Redesign?

The new Microsoft store on Xbox is twice faster than before. It launches in under two seconds, and the browse performance is greatly improved. It is faster than ever to load pages and find what you need. The company aims at providing an inclusive and intuitive experience for everyone and also committed to making it easier to find your next favorite game, apps, movies TV shows, etc. To crown it all, the newly redesigned Microsoft store is safer. It will serve as the best place for the family to shop for games and entertainment.

Features of The Redesigned Microsoft Store

Microsoft store is a plate form where you can download your desire mobile apps, has many features that may have not met the present-day technology which has led to the redesign by Xbox. The newly redesigned Microsoft store has so many features that are rated better than the former. Some of these features include;


The newly design Microsoft soft store also referred to as the all-new Microsoft soft on Xbox is termed faster on the front. Microsoft says the store now loads under two seconds on console and offers greatly improved browsing performance.


The characteristics of being easier have featured the likes of improved search functionality with a range of new filters as well as online videos during searching and browsing for more immediately informative feedback. Quicker access to wish lists is also promised, as is the ability to review and add items to the shopping cart more easily.


The redesigned Microsoft store users will now need to sign-in to their Xbox account before browsing the Microsoft store, in order to help parents ensure that children are interacting with appropriate content. Furthermore, age ratings will be more prominently displayed through the store, and listings will abide by the rules of a family setting, ensuring nothing will be viewable above a designated content rating limit.

The newly redesigned Microsoft store by Xbox has all these benefits for the users. And it is just the first of many updates Microsoft is rolling out.

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