Sniper Elite 4 Announcement: Sniper Elite 4 Coming To Nintendo Switch This Holiday

Of all the shooter games we have in the world today and the ones present in the Nintendo Switch console, sniper elite 4 is the latest addition to the already impressive list. Are you excited? Well if you aren’t, then you should. Gaming fans and Nintendo switch fans all over the world are of course excited with this development. If you have played this game before then you should understand why gamers and fans are all excited. Or if you have played its predecessor, sniper elite 3: ultimate edition on the Nintendo switch then you will have every reason to be excited. The sniper elite 4 announcement was made officially via the platforms Twitter handle and ever since then, fans cannot just wait to start the gameplay on one of their favorite consoles.

Sniper Elite 4 Announcement

Military sniper games are still one of the very best and most played in the world today. And the sniper elite 4 is one of the recent ones to make the crossing to the Nintendo switch roster. Want to know more about the announcement, then continue reading. Over the years, the Nintendo Switch has been gaining and garnering success in the gaming world. And while this is coming as a surprise to many people given about the competition in the market today, others are not surprised. Personally, I am not. When something is good, there is no just stopping it from getting noticed. And this is something about the Nintendo Switch and its choice of games.

The game as you should know was originally released in 2017 after going through a series of changes. And was developed by rebellion developments. After the release of the game back in 2107, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms, it was met with positive reviews. It provided the entertainment and excitement the series was known for executing. This time however the game, sniper elite 4 will be having its own place in the Nintendo switch.

Sniper Elite 4 Announcement Trailer

The trailer of the sniper elite 4 is a very brisk one as it went straight to the point. The trailer however started off with Karl Fairburn, the main character narrating the game’s premise. This game however was set in ww2. It started with the main character heading to a Nazi-occupied Italy from North Africa to help liberate the nation from fascist control. The trailer video, therefore, went on further to show off various methods and ways players can use to eliminate enemies. And this entails using mines and other facilities at your disposal as traps to set up incredible, long-range shots as a boat’s gas tank with the aim of destroying it. Lastly, the trailer ends with various maps that will be featured in the game. This is including the famous san Celine Island and the dark military fortress of the magazzeno coastal facility.

Other features that were also contained in the trailer were the gameplay mechanics. Design, maps, and other factors that players are used to with the franchise and also what helps distinguish it from other shooters. There is no sign that it will be cutting off important features for the Nintendo Switch console. Therefore players have no reason to be concerned. Lastly, the sniper elite 4 will be hitting the Nintendo switch in the holiday of 2020


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