Xbox Game Pass Close Out May with Dinosaurs and Vampires

Xbox Game Pass Close Out May with Dinosaurs, Pac-Man, and Vampires. One thing that the Dinosaurs, Pac-man, and vampires all have in common now is that soon they would be on Xbox Game Pass. The console/PC subscription service has recently expanded its offerings, adding some really great titles to the mix.

Xbox Game Pass Close Out May with Dinosaurs and Vampires

When we say “mix,” it is what we mean – there is a full range of titles that are a little all over the map, so it looks like there would be something in it for everybody. Some of the games are available at the moment, and some are just a teaser for what would come, but one major thing for sure is that today’s announcement is filled with full gaming goodies.

Xbox Game Pass Close Out May with Dinosaurs, Pac-Man, and Vampires

Five games would be put up for grabs at the moment, and you should be able to grab an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. The very first one is “her Story,” and by the sound of it, it might be a little creepy, as it comes from the writer and designer of “Silent Hill: shattered Memories.” “Her Story” happens to be a crime fiction game that sends you on an investigation into the past of a woman that is currently being interrogated.

And if the crime genre is not your scene, you would want to try” Jurassic World Evolution 2,” available on the Xbox cloud gaming service as well as on the console and PC. The Jurassic World story barely needs any introduction, because really, what more are you interested in finding out than epic dinosaurs set in the world we know so well to be called “Jurassic Park?”

More on the Way

The three remaining games set to hit the platform today are “Little Witch in the woods, “Skate,” and “Umurangi Generation special edition.” The first of the three tells the story of Ellie, a young witch, and it takes you on a journey filled with magic. “Skate” is pretty much what it says on the tin and will have you skating throughout a lively city as security guards can chase you. Lastly, “Umurangi” is a photography game in which the players get to take photos of the fictional city of Tauranga.

“Farming Simulator 22” is set to arrive on May 19, bringing along with it new gameplay features, an improved build mode, and a new character creator. May 19 also brings the release of “Vampire Survivors,” a gothic horror action game that would have you fighting off hordes of vampires until your finger grows numb.

This is accommodated by two May 24 releases: “Floppy Knights” and “Hard space: Shipbreaker.” “Floppy Knights” is a tactical card game that tells the story of Phoebe, a young inventor, and her robot sidekick Carlton, while “HardSpace: Shipbreaker” sends you on a space adventure where you’ll upgrade your spaceship and fulfill contracts – it’s a bit Like “EVE Online.”

On the 26 of May, Xbox Game Pass would see the release of “Sniper Elite 5,” a highly anticipated follow-up to an already successful series. Fans of the first-person shooters would be able to have fun with the new maps based on real-world locations, the addition of an enhanced kill cam, and improved third-person combat. Two more titles would be making it onto the platform on May 27: “Cricket 22,” which takes your cricket games to the next 4K visuals, and “Pac-Man Museum+,” which would take you on a trip to the past with one of the most classic titles of all time.


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