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Ollo (www.ollocard.com) is a credit card issuer that majors in offering cards to individuals with below-average credit. Like different guarantors, Ollo has practical experience in giving Mastercard offers to fair financial valuations.


Right now, Ollo offers two Mastercards, the Platinum Card, and the Rewards Card. Ollo Mastercards are just accessible after getting a prequalified offer.

Ollo Rewards cardholders bring in 2% money back on purchases made at service stations, supermarkets, and pharmacies and 1% money back on any remaining buys wherever else MasterCard is acknowledged.

There’s no restriction to the money back you can get, and your prizes will not expire however long your account is open and is always on favorable terms.


Ollo is a monetary service joint endeavor by previous leaders from Bank of America and Capital One. Ollo (www.ollocard.com) isn’t a bank, as it doesn’t offer different administrations, for example, checking or investment accounts, CDs, or different items.

All things considered, Ollo is just a Visa backer, focusing on those with “subprime” FICO ratings. Ollo Visas are given to the Bank of Missouri. Bank of Missouri gives a few Mastercards for building credit, including the Ollo Platinum MasterCard and Ollo Rewards MasterCard.

Other noticeable cards from the bank incorporate the Milestone Gold Card, the Fortiva Card, and the First Access Solid Black Visa.

Ollo FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Credit Score Do You Need To Get Ollo Card

Since Ollo cards are designed for fixing credits, individuals with fair FICO assessments can apply for – and get – a card from the issuer.

Normally, candidates need a financial assessment in the high 500s (over a FICO rating of 580), or in the low 600s to get a card.

How to Make Payments on My Ollo Card

The simplest method for paying your Ollo Card explanation balance is online. Just visit the Ollo site, use your Ollo charge card login details, and make an installment.

You can likewise pursue examination to lighten the issue of physically making installments every month.

Is Ollo A Good Card

Both of the www.ollocard.com credit cards (the Platinum and Rewards) are decent credit cards that help rebuild credit. They are very similar to other offers from the Bank of Missouri, including the Milestone and First Access Cards.

The requirement of a pre-selected mail offer, however, makes them unattainable for some individuals. In those cases, the previously mentioned cards may be a better bet.

How You Can Qualify for an Ollo Credit Card

As I earlier mentioned, Ollo credit cards are only by invitation. Thusly, the primary way you can apply for an Ollo card is if you get a prescreened offer.

This means that the information in your credit report meets Ollo’s models, and would it be fitting for you to decide to apply, chances are incredible that you will be upheld (notwithstanding the way that there’s no confirmation). Your prospects are invited regardless, in any case, stay inside and out confidential.

Does Ollo Charge an Annual Fee?

Ollo did not charge a yearly expense when it sent off its first card in 2017. Yet, from that point forward, the bank has added a differing yearly expense to the Rewards card. At this point, the Platinum card doesn’t charge a yearly expense.

Depending on your credit history, you will pay a yearly charge of somewhere in the range of $0 and $39 for the Rewards card. How much your expected charge will show up on the greeting you get via the post office.

Application for the Ollo Credit Card

You can easily apply for an Ollo credit card via their website. All that is required of you is to fill in the reservation number, if luck is on your side you can get your reservation number alongside an access code through the mail.

To complete the application process, follow the steps below;

  • First off go to the official website www.ollocard.com
  • Fill in the reservation number and access codes
  • Enter the required details
  • Then click on the submit button

All you need to do is to follow the guideline on the screen to complete the application process.



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