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Lowe’s Credit Card. If you are looking for a credit card that helps you save even as you spend, you should try the Lowes credit card. This article would discuss everything related to this topic in detail. So, you should keep on reading.

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Lowe’s is an American retail store that focuses mainly on home improvement services and products. You can get services such as flooring, fencing, door installation, kitchen repairs, and lots more with this company.

Lowe’s Credit Card

As it was stated earlier in this article, Lowe’s Home improvement company offers financial assistance to customers in form of the credit cards. To get this, you need to apply for the company’s credit card. With this card, you get certain discounts and special offers.

The Lowe’s credit cards work similarly to the way other credit card works. It comes with a revolving credit line that holders can take advantage of to use to their approved limit. This means without having the money, you can simply make a payment on Lowe’s using your card as long as you make your monthly payment.

Also, the card gives cardholders the exception from interest charges as long as they pay the monthly fee in full. The credit cards provided by this company are easy to use as long as you adhere to the terms and conditions.

Lowe’s Credit Card Options

Currently, there are six types of cards provided by this company. You have an option to pick the one that suits you. The Lowe’s credit cards are listed below;

  • Lowe’s Advantage Card.
  • Lowe’s Business Rewards credit card.
  • Lowe’s Business Advantage credit card.
  • Lowe’s Commercial credit card.
  • Lowe’s PreLoad Discover card. and
  • Lowe’s Lease to Own.

All the Lowe’s credit cards are issued by the same bank which is Synchrony Bank and they are designed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses.

Rewards and Benefits of the Lowe’s Advantage Card

The most popular amongst the Lowe’s credit cards is the Lowe’s Advantage card. As a basic card, it offers lots of advantages to its users and they are listed below;

  • You get daily 5% off purchases.
  • Access to special financing for at least 6 months for things you purchase from $299 and above.
  • Get up to 84 months of fixed payment at a reduced APR on a minimum purchase of $2,000.
  • New card owners’ benefits

These are just some of the benefits that cardholders enjoy when they apply for and receive the card.

Lowe’s Credit Card Pre Qualify 

It’s very important for you to know if you meet the requirements before you apply. This would save much stress. To check if you meet Lowe’s credit card requirements, you should carry out the prequalification test. To learn more about this, keep on reading.

How to Check your Lowe’s Credit Card Prequalification Status

The steps below would help you carry out this action:

  • Open the web browser on a device connected to the internet.
  • To visit Lowe’s credit card page, enter the URL- www.lowes.com/credit.
  • Scroll down and choose “See if you Prequalify”.
  • Enter the last digits of your “SSN” or “ITIN”.
  • Choose “Continue”.

Follow the rest instructions on your screen to screen to check if you prequalify.

Apply for Lowe’s Credit Card Online 

Applying for this credit card is quite easier than you think. All you need to do is to check your prequalification status. After this, you can go ahead to apply if you prequalify.

How to Apply for Lowe’s Credit Card Online 

If you pass the prequalification test, you should follow the steps below to apply for the credit card:

  •  Visit www.lowes.com/credit with your internet-connected device.
  • Go through the card options on the opened page as well as their features.
  • Choose the credit card that suits you.
  • Select “Apply Now”.

Having done this, you can follow the rest on-screen instructions to start your application process.

Apply for Lowe’s Credit Card in Store

You can choose to apply for any of these credit cards in any of the Physical stores. To do this, you would have to locate and visit any of the physical stores.

How to Locate the Closest Lowe’s Near Me

If you are finding it hard to locate any of the hardware stores, follow the steps below:

  • Connect your device to the internet.
  • Click on this link.
  • Enter your “ZIP code”, “City” or “State”.
  • Click or tap on the arrow button.

With this, you would be able to locate the closest Lowe’s hardware store and apply for any of the credit cards.



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