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If you are a working woman seeking to boost or develop your business, the Working Women of Tampa Bay is just the right organization for you. It is an organization to aid you with advice and other requirements needed to starting a business or hoping to take your business to a higher level. There is a lot more other stuff to learn from the Working Women of Tampa Bay. You can visit their official website and APPLY to get all the granted benefits it offers to members. I will be providing the eligibility, more information about the organization and how you can apply to it.

Working Women of Tampa Bay

Working Women of Tampa Bay

The program consists of female entrepreneurs taking control and creating their own economic revitalization. Members of the program are aided with the opportunity to sponsor and host events, and also donate products and services for contributions to charitable causes.

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Working Women of Tampa Bay Foundation

The program is a fundraising non-profit arm of the Working Women of Tampa Bay. It supports women-owned businesses and companies by offering start-up grants to women entrepreneurs. The grants are funded through events and fundraising efforts that is organized by the Working Women of Tampa Bay. The Foundation has raised more than $50,000 which is aimed to help more than 50 women start their businesses in the Tampa Bay area.

Sponsors of Working Women of Tampa Bay

Here are the leading sponsors of the program:

  • Northwestern Mutual.
  • Frazier & Deeter.
  • Academic Alliance in Dermatology (AAD).
  • Premier Eye Care.
  • Valley Women in Business.
  • Cesar A. Lara M.D. Weight Management.
  • Newsomeeye.
  • 1HB First Home Bank.
  • Shumaker.
  • Visionary Centre for Women.

You can also become a sponsor of the program.

Benefits of Working Women of Tampa Bay

Most women are interested in fostering more in-depth connections. Compared to some men. This simply means professional women are seeking more than superficial networking experiences. The program creates an atmosphere and environment of camaraderie and collaboration, and space where women can foster stronger and deeper connections. Other benefits include:

  • Gain access to a supportive community of businesswomen like you.
  • Attend events that are fun and productive sponsored by the program.
  • Use your networking time wisely and get quality referrals.
  • Grow and learn from fellow successful entrepreneurs and expertized professionals.
  • Build a business while building new relationships.

Events Opportunities

The program offers numerous opportunities to build a stronger relationship with other professional women. The schedule of events includes Happy Hours and Coffee Connections, Workshops, luncheons, wine tastings, spa trips, museum visits, and other ways for members to support each other. A full schedule for the program can be found here:

  • Discounted event admission.
  • Access and inclusion in the online and printed directory.
  • Special member-to-member discounts on various products and services.
  • Access to a members-only directory, forum, and resources.
  • Opportunities to host or sponsor the program events.
  • Advertising opportunities on the program website.
  • What additional benefits does the program offer its members?
  • Promotional opportunities in the program newsletter, advertising, and swag bags.
  • Access to Working on the program robust social media community of more than 30,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

There are other opportunities you can access as a member of this organization. So you should follow the URL and APPLY now.

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Working Women of Tampa Bay Eligibility

Majorly, the program offers a welcoming space accepting everyone. The organization attracts a diverse range of a group of women representing a variety of ages, ethnicities, industries, specialties, and experiences. Here are other eligible criteria:

  • Any woman who is interested in professional growth.
  • Women who desire to connect with a tribe of women also seeking excellence for themselves.
  • Women who just launched their careers all the way to mature executives.
  • You must not have a business. It welcomes all women whether working in the corporate sector or are a solopreneur or a veteran business owner.

Working Women of Tampa Bay Member Application

Applying to be a member is easy and it comes with an individual membership costs of $75 for 6 months and $120 for a year. Owners of smaller businesses can apply to join the platform for $250. While the VIP memberships are available for applicants for $250.

Here is how you can apply for the program:

  • Enter your mobile connected device web browser,
  • Input the URL
  • Select your desired membership application plan and click on Next at the bottom.
  • Enter your email and pass through the security check by typing the 6-character codes you see below the tab. Click on Next.
  • Fill in the application form which will contain the below details:
    1. First name.
    2. Last name.
    3. Organization (if any).
    4. Email.
    5. Phone.
    6. Picture.
    7. Job title.
    8. Website (if any).
    9. Address.
    10. City.
    11. Postal code.
    12. Province/State.
    13. Country.
    14. Working Women Discount.
    15. Twitter Username.
    16. Logo (if any).
    17. Referred By.
    18. Direct listing text.
    19. Enter a discount code.
  • Then click on Next.
  • Select a payment method and get your payment confirmed.

You will be approved within 24 hours once your application has been reviewed and your payment has been confirmed.

You can also visit the site

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